Dan Crenshaw Says If You Don’t Support War Against Russia, if You Question Our Involvement in Ukraine, You Are a Putin Apologist – IOTW Report

Dan Crenshaw Says If You Don’t Support War Against Russia, if You Question Our Involvement in Ukraine, You Are a Putin Apologist


The war mongering one-eyed Liz Cheney appeared on Fox News this morning [Full Video] to cast aspersions against any republican who might question our involvement in Ukraine.

First, let me be clear in my position.  Almost everything about the Ukraine conflict, as displayed in mainstream U.S. media, including the specific examples of war and casualties as broadcast by Fox News, is propaganda constructed by a UniParty political apparatus in Washington DC.  Only a very small portion of it is accurate, and the interpretations of that small portion are manufactured pro-NATO talking points.

That said, the manipulative creep from Texas is now saying anyone who questions the Ukraine narrative, as constructed by himself and his pro-war coalition, is a propagandist for the Putin regime.  WATCH:

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  1. Want to lose the midterms? Get us into a war with Russia. I’m starting to have second thoughts about ole Dan.

  2. Another warmonger was satirized by todays Babylon Bee in the article, 99.9% of Americans support sending Mitt Romney to fight in the Ukraine. And send Lindsay Grahamnasty with him.

  3. Crenshaw dropped the false facade shortly after he was elected. He’s now supports the deep state. Probably found out how much money could be made by going along to get along.

  4. Fuck You Dan!
    Head over yourself and clean up the Bamma/Biden,Hunter Mess.
    At the very least, stay out of it and let Europe finally grow up & spend the 2% on military that they did not for the last 60 years.
    Washington’s corruption helped create this mess.

  5. Whenever someone throws a bomb like “Putin-Apologist” out there it really isn’t any different than using terms like misogyny, homophobia, anti-semitism, agism, RACIST! and the whole gang of other invectives. It’s what they resort to when they’re out of ammunition! I don’t trust people who do this…PERIOD! Just more bullshit from the RINO who insists that the 2020 election was “absolutely not stolen from Trump”! This dude is running an agenda!

  6. No need to click on the link to hear him spew his rhetoric. I had such high hopes for him at first but now he is just another sloth in the garbage pit of Washington D.C.
    The media is the enemy of the citizens. I only listen to Tucker Carlson anymore.

  7. Old men are always brave to send young men off to war. All these a55holes looking to start WW3 must think that in 5 years we won’t be able to win, so let’s get it on now. That was the same thing the Kaiser thought when he started WW1 to contain Russia, and Hitler thought when he started WW2. Both times the real target was Russia. And look how those misadventures turned out.

    Anyone willing to start WW3 over Ukraine is a fool. The end result could easily be a billion, with a B, people dead.

  8. No and hell no.
    Wag the dog and get your mind off of the economy. And who’s causing this mess?
    It ain’t Russia, it’s more like the communist in DC.
    It’s getting so the only way you know the truth is by what is censored.

  9. @ Different Tim MARCH 18, 2022 AT 8:57 AM

    Crenshaw dropped the false façade shortly after he was elected. He’s supported the deep state all along. Me was motivated to get into politics by how much money could be made by any grifter establishment Republican who is willing to along to get along.

    I recognized the type early on in the TEA Party movement days. What was more disappointing was the critical mass of others who were mesmerized by these obvious charlatans. There are FAR too many people who either cannot recognize a transparent ratfucker of this stripe, or think that they will profit personally be helping them get elected. And then there are the usual suspects that infect the Republican establishment who support them based solely based on their personal financial goals at the time and reject everything that Constitutional conservativism stands for culturally. They will give lip service to being on the same team, but will take every opportunity to dry shave Constitutional conservatives priorities and will do it when the chips are down. They want our votes and talk a good game and expect us to be there to support what their interests revolve around, but NEVER reciprocate unless it is for something that doesn’t really need them to be on board.

  10. “I’d like to poke that punks other eye out with a 2×4. Let Europe handle this mess.”

    Rick, make sure it comes out the back of his head.

  11. What is this binary choice BS? It’s as logical as “if you don’t like apples then you must love oranges.” Leaves no room for a middle ground. Could be that I don’t like either apples or oranges.

  12. TheMule March 18, 2022 at 9:02 am

    FFS, what a total asshole this guy turned out to be.

    There’s plenty in the Repug party that’s just like him. They eventually slip up and show their true colors. By their fruits yea shall know them. It’s a big let down to support someone you believed in only for them to screw you over at warp speed. I’m more ashamed of myself for expecting something out them that they refuse to deliver after promising it.

  13. If he thinks it worth fighting the Russians Him, Lindsey Graham, Kinzinger and Hannity all need to heard over there and pick up a rifle and fight. They are still asking for volunteers.

  14. Dan, did your mother never tell you that a nuke could put your other eye out?
    Tell me again how Trump was going to get us in a nother war? Where have all the peace nicks gone?

  15. It’s funny, while this song was written in response to Bush and the Iraq war, it’s appropriate today. History is cyclical.

    Lamb of God – Now You’ve got Something to Die For 🤘😎🤘

    Now you’ve got something to die for.
    Infidel, Imperial
    Lust for blood, a blind crusade
    Apocalyptic, we count the days.
    Bombs to set the people free, blood to feed the dollar tree
    Flags for coffins on the screen, oil for the machine
    Army of the liberation, gunpoint indoctrination
    The fires of sedition
    Fulfill the prophecy.
    Now you’ve got something to die for. (x2)
    Send the children to the fire, sons and daughters stack the pyre
    Stoke the flame of the empire, live to lie another day
    Face of hypocrisy, raping democracy
    Apocalyptic, we count the days.
    We’ll never get out of this hole until we’ve dug our own grave
    And drug the rest down with us, the burning home of the brave
    Now you’ve got something to die for.


  16. This guy was in the military. The SEALs, no less. Two bronze stars. Lost an eye while deployed in Afghanistan due to an IED. Now, what kind of military person EVER supports getting into a war after they have been in war? A whore, that’s who. Let’s see how many mansions he owns in 10 years. On a Representative’s salary. Wink, wink!

  17. tctsunami
    “he is just another sloth in the garbage pit of Washington D.C.”

    I supported Justin Amash in Michigan until he turned on Trump because his families money was in their businesses in China. The pretend MAGA R that took his place, Peter Meijer, stabbed Trump in the back as soon as he was elected. I am now planning to support and will work for his primary opponent, whoever that will be. So sick of these people that LIE like the devil.

  18. “This guy was in the military. The SEALs, no less.”

    And you will find no other Seal that liked or trusted him.

    Take it easy on Captain One Eye. He just bought a shit ton of Raytheon stock and he’s trying to bump those numbers up.

  19. So Danny boy has been swappin’ spit with his buddy Klaus along with a bunch of other “do gooders”, the list includes Tulsi Gabbard among others.

  20. I got a guy with just one eye
    No depth of field but sweet as pie
    And I just don’t really careo
    If his vision is in stereo
    To me he’ll always be the tops
    My sweet little cyclops
    He’s the one-eye, one-eye, one-eye, one-eye
    He’s the one-eye, one I love

    Now you might wonder what he’s thinkin’
    ‘Cause it looks like he is winkin’
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    But he just can’t see the other side
    It’s worse than it looks, says his mother
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    Now how it happened, he just won’t spill
    Was it scissor sprints or William Tell?
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    Gonna have to take a look around
    My Columbo cutie, Popeye punkin’
    Sammy Junior… Sandy Duncan?
    He’s the one-eye, one-eye, one-eye, one-eye
    He’s the one-eye, one I love

  21. LANCE

    We just spent 20 years getting our asses kicked by group that has NO NAVY! Russia has GOOD NAVY. As clearly shown by the “news’ last week.

    Russia would crush us right now! We embarrassed ourselves for all the world to see the last 20 years. Russians not blind!military can kill Ashley Babbitt but can not kill a Russian warrior!

  22. Dan Crenshaw Says If You Don’t Support War Against Russia, if You Question Our Involvement in Ukraine, You Are a Putin Apologist

    Oh noes! NAMBLA called me a Bad Daddy!

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