Dan Patrick Did Absolutely Nothing Wrong

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  1. He only stated common sense and love for his family (which makes him wrong in much of today’s world). He said he was willing to accept the degree of risk (which appears to be getting smaller) of catching the China virus if it means his children and grandchildren will be able to live a decent life in economic terms in the future. We simply try to keep risk at what we consider a reasonable level rather than at a zero level …… which is impossible anyway.

    Nothing is without risk. We could prevent all deaths from automobile accidents by banning cars or maybe making the speed limit 3 miles per hour. Yet the general public is willing to accept the risk of death associated with driving a car with speed limits of 55+ MPH because we would literally never get anywhere otherwise. There is always a trade-0ff with everything we do and some degree of risk is unavoidable. All that we can do is try to be smart and minimize the risk, but accept that there will always be some degree of risk.

    I saw him make his statement live and was glad to see a politician that has some understanding of reality and a little common sense. May God bless him and all of us as we go forward against what is happening now.

  2. No work= no ability to feed family.

    The leftard commiefag rhetoric claiming that working only benefits wall street is going to destroy this nation.

    In a way, i’m glad. I want this whole thing to implode so we can start over without the commies and the fags in charge.

  3. Why is no one talking about propping up Wall Street or letting it collapse and such not also talking about the plight of the the lower end working class -the ones that were just barely self sufficient- that no longer has the work they were doing to keep rent paid and provide the basics of food and such for their families?

    Those aren’t rich people’s stock portfolios being hurt there, those are real people who have been struggling just to barely make a living who no longer have the opportunity to do so because their employers have been shut down.

    Does anyone actually give a damn about them?

  4. @Anonymous – “…Does anyone actually give a damn about them?”

    Ummm, did you watch the video? That was the whole point that Dan Patrick was making, and that Matt Christianson was defending.

  5. The real question is “Why?”
    Why do the maggots twist what the Lt. Gov. said?
    Cui Bono?
    We have the same (stupid) argument with automobiles – if it saves only ONE life – blah, blah, blah – but we still drive – we still kill each other on the highways – there’s a cost/benefit ratio that we, as a society, accept.
    Same as with Wuhan Flu and every other disease known to man. Same with everything, in fact – no one gets out alive – even if Wuhan Flu had never been invented! Even if the automobile had never been invented!
    People are, basically, full of shit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Anon, as for those people it’s pretty damn obvious the government doesn’t give two shits about them or Americans in general as they’re fast tracking importing foreigners to take American jobs.
    We’re all basically locked in our houses because we might catch the Kung Flu while the government imports foreigners to spread some other kind of disease.
    You can’t make this shit up. I’m about ready to throw my hands up and say screw it.


  7. Exactly tim @

    M.A.D. Canada : “…if it saves just one life every car should have a driver interlock.”

    Court Systems: “he was from another country, illegally entered, and did not know our drinking laws.” – Time served

    Or poor Kate Steinle: “accidentally” shot by an “Undocumented person”. I owned that type of SIG, They DO NOT accidentally discharge.


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