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Dan Rather Tries To Protect Biden And It Backfires


It’s not just that Dan Rather is getting on in years, a lot of older people are sharp. It’s that Dan has always been a dull blade.

He lives inside a bubble where the irony of saying this regarding the popular acronym is not apparent. Rather’s past indiscretions are forgotten, as if a celebration of the Pearl Harbor attack at the US Naval Academy would be a normal occurrence. Dan can say whatever he wants because his psyche only allows certain data to leak through. more here

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  1. This doofus use to be the face of news like Conkrite or Huntley and Brinkley. Now he’s the face of idiocy of what news journalism has become.

  2. They all look alike.

    Remember that scunt Martha Raddatz? We made her a new high definition robot camera in her own special room. She said, “That camera makes me look like shit!”

    The rest of the engineers stood, wooden-faced, and straight backs, staring at the ceiling. I guffawed. Martha called me, “That guy” for the rest of my career. HAA!

    Miserable scunt.

  3. Hey Martha, it wasn’t the camera made you look like shit. We see you every day in the flesh. You look like shit, and your soul is shit. That’s why the toilet flushes 10 times every time you are on it, and robot vacuums chase you all over the Bureau.

    Martha had the nerve to say the back-focus was fucked up on the camera. Now THAT pissed me off. I may be an asshole in other departments… but I know a furry hundred year old apple when I see it.

  4. I remember Bill O’Reilly having a standing offer to Rather to come onto his The No Spin Zone and Rather the Coward would never take the offer.
    Oh, Rather would go onto ANY of the other Democrat Media Mafia shows, but nothing on Fox News.
    Why would Rather avoid Fox News?
    – Because Fox would ask him legitimate questions about his fake reportage over the years, where ALL of the other media had a hands-off policy toward Rather – why bring up that nasty history?
    Remember, there’s an actual term coined after Dan Rather’s failed attempt to sway the Bush election, now memorialized in fake news history: Rathergate.

  5. “In this business, I understand keeping secrets from the viewer. I don’t understand keeping secrets from ME.”

    ~Dan Rather

  6. I had him confused with Jennings, who was almost a wanker of the highest water. 100% wanker, but maybe not the greatest wanker of all time.

  7. I’m no whistleblower, Charlie WalksonWater, but I did work with these clowns, except for Geraldo.

    I worked with Raddatz, Jennings, Koppel, Donaldson, Tapper, Robertson, and a bunch of others for a dozen years.

  8. Look my fucking name up in the Disney Portal. I’m Erik T. McNair. Senior Telecommunications Engineer. WNB. Non-Union. Retired.

  9. For what it’s worth I stopped watching the Network “news” completely about 25 years ago and never regretted leaving that shit in the last century! You have my respect and sympathy Erik!
    I gotta believe you found yerself shaking your head and muttering “if people only knew…” hundreds of times in your role behind the scenes!

    Oh – and you have my sympathies too Kenneth… whoever you are!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Erik, TRF – I never met those ‘personalities, but I worked around enough local ones to know for years what they are.

  11. Burner – Would it be fair to say that most of ’em are:
    Dumbed-down, self-absorbed, spoon-fed, celebrity-obsessed, COEXIST bumper-sticker, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct, perpetually offended, binky suckin, whiny Leftists.

  12. TRF, I never worked around even the local-yocals of newsdum but to answer your question — Yep, and them’s their good points!

  13. Speaking of Ted Koppel, I met a guy back in the 80s who told me Koppel wouldn’t get off a helicopter in Vietnam that was extracting wounded Americans. The guy pulled out his .45 and stuck the barrel to Koppel’s forehead and told him that if he didn’t get off the helicopter, he’d be one of the dead.
    Koppel got off.

    Don’t know if it’s true, but the guy insisted it was.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Unfortunately I worked with all those asswipes. Greenberger, George Snuffeluffagus, Charles Gibson (who was actually a decent guy), and all the rest over there at the WNB.

    The “talent” were mostly scum, but the support people were mostly decent. It sucks to think most people hate you because of where you work. Working for ABC you are immediately assumed to be a communist dicksucker. That wasn’t the case. The mechanical people, like most mechanical people, were almost to a man Goldwater Conservatives.

    And yes, TRF, it was fucked up the shit we had to hear dealing with those scumbags. I’m glad I’m out.

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