Dancer Forced to Apologize for a Joke Made at Age 9

Maddie Ziegler, a seventeen-year-old celebrity dancer, was forced to apologize for a joke she made when she was nine…there are no statutes of limitation for the woke mob.

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  1. I don’t care what she said at 9 and i’m not going to look. A 9 year old is not an adult and most adults are children until about 45 these days.

  2. Do what you think is right at the time. If you made a mistake you apologize as soon as you come to realize that the decision was not good for you or unfair to those badly affected by your improper action. That closes the book.
    However, an adult who is told they are required to beg forgiveness for an action done by the child they once were and does so, is a weak fool and sadly lacking in moral fiber and common sense. (A Lefty in other words)

  3. The correct response to any SJW is “Argo.”

    As popularized in the movie ‘Argo’; full response “Argo Fxxx yourself!”

  4. Too bad more people don’t discover how very liberating it is not giving a rats ass what people think.

  5. I second Sippin Coffee and Gin Blossom, but unfortunately for that poor girl, she has chosen a profession where she has to comply with her woke masters (a very un-woke word itself) if she wants to have a chance of success.

  6. When she was 9 Joey Biden sniffed her hair, rubbed her hips, and tried to get her to kiss his sock-puppet after showing her the hair on his legs.

    She exclaimed: “Fuck you, you pervert!”

    And now she’s saying: “I said he was a pervert – it’s true and I’m sorry.”
    The joke is on her.
    (this is the story as I read it on the interwebz – or somewhere – or made it up …)

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Parochial Elementary School early 50´s
    Chinese kid sitting in front of me would occasionally turn around, holding his eyes wide open with his fingers and carefully say:
    we would both get yelled at for laughing ………


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