Dancing Liz is more awkward than beer-drinking Liz

Patriot Retort: Have you seen the video of Dancing Liz Warren?

Brace yourself. It’s like watching your grandmother twerking.

22 Comments on Dancing Liz is more awkward than beer-drinking Liz

  1. More cringeworthy is her using the Flag as a prop. And is this the crowd size we have heard the media raving about?!

  2. Not too terrible for a miserable cigar store indian who hates the country, capitalism, white men, white people, people who build stuff, flyover America and probably, um, beer.

    Typical northeast asshole liberal that thinks she’s superior to everyone else, like Mitt Romney, who was also known for his 2×4 up the ass dance moves.

  3. I’ll have you know that my grandmother could out-twerk Cardi B on her best day, and I have the irreparable psychological damage to prove it.

    BTW, can’t help but notice it didn’t rain afterward. More evidence of her pale-facedness.

  4. Geoff C. The Saltine lolol

    Why is it that the words to every Injun tune, no matter the tribe, are, “Hey-ya-hi-ya-ha-wa-hey-ya-ha”?

  5. LOL! She moves like a puppet with tangled and twisted strings or a short circuited robot. Totally unaware how stupid she looks. What a narcissist.

  6. Thirdwin only 5 letters to chant with.
    How would yeh-ay-ih-aw-ez-kf-ppu-xxp sound.
    Been to a potlatch here they are very fun.

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