Dangerous Rat-Borne Disease Outbreaks Infecting Both Coasts

Legal Insurrection:
I have previously reported on typhus outbreaks associated with the ever-expanding homeless encampments in California, which are associated with rat infestations that feed off the garbage and shelter in the debris.

Now public health officials are issuing warnings about another rat-borne disease that is associated with homeless camps. However, this time it is on the East Coast.

The Boston Public Health Commission is warning of a dangerous rat-borne disease that puts the homeless at “high risk” as the rodent population and encampments boom side by side in Mass and Cass.

“The Boston Public Health Commission is investigating a case of human leptospirosis resulting in hospitalization,” the BPHC began in memos sent to the city’s first responders and to clinicians in Boston.

Leptospirosis is a potentially nasty disease spread by the urine of infected animal — often rats or mice. It’s a bacterial infection that’s normally rare in the U.S., per the BPHC’s fact sheet.

The potential symptoms read like a what’s what of what you don’t want: “fever, headache, myalgias, conjunctival suffusion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, cough, and/or rash. Severe symptoms can include jaundice, renal failure, hemorrhage (especially pulmonary), aseptic meningitis, cardiac arrhythmias, pulmonary insufficiency, and hemodynamic collapse … even death.” more here

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  1. So, uh… Are they gonna have to give them the dog vaccine and some antibiotics for the Leptospirosis since we wasted tax payer dollars on the rona ones instead?

  2. And yet USAID will be spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars looking for 12,000 “new” viruses to scare us with. Not to worry though…Big Pharma will soon be spending hindresd of millions of taxparyer dollars rushing a mRNA Leptospirosis vaccine into our arms.

    Stay Out Da Cities.

  3. Typhus is more common. Outbreaks in LA. Homeless should have to wear flea collars (make that a mandate). Typhus is spread by rats, lice, fleas.

    The already constructed FEMA camps would be perfect new homes for the homeless.

  4. ^^^ Not to mention that the Homeless represent one of the many “Entitled” & “Protected” groups that can go maskless!!

  5. Thanks Commie’s, another fine mess you’ve exposed the American people to.

    They really know how to deliver a shit sandwich don’t they. 🤔

  6. Marxists/rats what the hell is the difference? They deserve each other and their mutually assured destruction.

    Libs are a rat borne disease, they are all nasty bastards deserving the black death ..


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