Danica Patrick Goes Out With A Crash

Chicago Tribune -Patrick’s final NASCAR race at the Daytona 500 captured her career to perfection. She had photojournalists embedded with her, a hunky celebrity NFL QB boyfriend by her side, social media buzzing — and a crumpled Chevy towed to the garage that put a premature end to her race. More




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  1. I used to be a faithful NASCAR fan but too many “pretty boy prima-donnas” ruined it for me. Not even Danica got my interest.

  2. My only auto racing interest is winged sprint cars on clay ovals. I have relatives who are big NASCAR fans and they are fairly unanimous in their opinion that she has been a menace on the track.

  3. She was one of the top grossing drivers in NASCAR, and never won a race. Tony Stewart was brilliant for signing her up, because NASCAR is all about sponsor money, and not so much about winning races. I lost interest, like most fans, when they started the ridiculous “race for the chase” rules changes years ago, and it has been going downhill ever since.

  4. Old Sharon Rodgers ain’t interested in the poontang

    He’s gayer than 0webongo…..

    The difference is Rodgers is actually good at His Job

    0webongo….not so much.

  5. “Danica Patrick Goes Out With A Crash”

    Well of course she did.

    To be fair, so did 7 time champion Jimmie Johnson.

  6. @ Tony R
    It wasn’t so much the “chase” rules that I didn’t like, but when they went to the unibody “car of tomorrow”, was when the traditional rubbibn is racin went by the wayside. Still like it though, been doing a fantasy NASCAR league with friends for years and while the old school racing is rare, it is still exciting enough to keep me interested.

  7. @whatshisface: Somehow Australian Sedan Racing manages close competition and nearly NASCAR speeds using stock-body cars. NASCAR could learn a lesson .

  8. The wreck wasn’t her fault. I only watched a little but I was struck how the guys would merely touch the car ahead and then spin like a top. A few years ago the strategy was to slam in to your teammates car and push them around the track. Something fundamental has changed in the cars and Im not a big enough fan to know what.

  9. I see a lot of complaints about Danica but neon about the 66 car drier He is the oldest driver at 66 years, he drove around Daytona for hours with his right turn signal on.

  10. I have a Danica theory…
    She’s still youngish at 35 (tic toc;) and seems to have many lucrative and less dangerous irons in the fire https://www.danicapatrick.com … maybe she’s just ready to settle down.

    This is my favorite commercial of all time (yes it’s that good!)

    America Start Your Engines NASCAR Nick Offerman

    And anyone talking smack about Danica should consider the skill it takes to race at 200 mph in a pack of aggressive assholes. Is she the best driver? No. But she’s not the worst either… and she’s probably a better driver than you! Always root for the girl (but never put her in your fantasy lineup)!

  11. It is amazing that a driver could get so much news and not win one race in 8 years WTH.
    who cares about losers anyways?

  12. What do 800 horsepower front engine rear drive racing cars have in common with a 4 cylinder front engine front drive Ford Fusion or Toyota Camry?
    Back in the old days, manufacturers had to actually sell some stock versions of the cars raced. Remember the Dodge Challenger Daytona and Plymouth Super Bird Rodrunner with extended nose and rear wing.
    They need to change their acronym to remove the S and C as they aren’t close to stock cars.


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