David Cameron thought Barack Obama was a narcissist

The man who served as David Cameron’s director of strategy said the former prime minister thought Barack Obama was one of the “most narcissistic, self-absorbed people” with whom he had ever dealt.  see more



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  1. What was his first clue? Was it the podium plaque for the Office of the President Elect? The His and Hers jumbo jets? Naming his dog with his initials – BO?

  2. Thought? THOUGHT?
    If unable to discern the obvious, one is, indeed, blind (politically, morally, emotionally, rationally – not necessarily physically).

    That simple fact should disqualify him from politics – even in UK.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I wonder if Cameron will be mau-maued into retract & rephrase. Or maybe the media is saying, “Yeah, pretty much.”

  4. Narcissistic?…..Nahhh….doesn’t everyone write 2 autobiographies before they become President with no significance to base them on.

  5. If CNN actually reported it like it is….” This is Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room with some breaking news….Obama’s shit does stink!!!!!”

  6. “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to think I’m a better political director than my political director.”

  7. Wouldn’t it be nice if the general public had the stones to SHUN all politicians and Media enablers who screwed us all by playing along with this enormous lie and deceitful program?? They really should pay for that deliberate, premeditated, and conspiratorial TREASON.
    Yes, half the public IS truly too stupid to deserve to to vote, but that doesn’t excuse criminal lying.

  8. A Republic cannot function on lies.
    It simply can’t.
    Spin, stump speech, whatever you want to call it, if it isn’t the truth, it’s a lie. There is NO middle ground. To lie to get elected is FRAUD, nothing more, nothing less. There are only two ways to combat lying politicians: being profoundly well-informed (which is difficult) and an honest adversarial press (which is extinct).
    But the real question is accountability. Why are our local, State, and Federal Police averse to enforcement? Either they are corrupt or they are complicit. Or they could simply be cowards, I guess. Seems kinda strange that a pol lying repeatedly on network news gets a pass while some schlub selling dope under the bridge gets arrested. The lying pol is much more obvious than the discreet dope peddler and does much more damage to the Republic, but for some reason is considered clever or funny for his lies and dissimulations.

    Perhaps it boils down to Hero-Worship and the “Cult of Personality?”

    There are people worthy of respect, but there are none who should be respected who haven’t earned that respect in some tangible way.
    A Kennedy, for instance … or a Clinton … or a Rockefeller … the sins of the father should NOT be visited upon the sons, but they must be held accountable for their own sins (or corruptions, Treasons, High Crimes, and Misdemeanors).

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Also, the return of the Churchill bust might have been a clue. I am so happy (not) that they are talking about it now. I thought PDT was the one who is disliked in other countries.

  10. Churchill whose mother was an American is more of an American than lil barry of dubious parentage and may or may not be an American is more of an American and British icon and statesman than barry will ever hope to be.

  11. So what we knew were lies, and they repeatedly claimed were not lies, will all be revealed to be… … huge lies.

    So what will come of it? No one else seems to care. Can I get away with ripping that jackasses ears off at least? I don’t seek praise for doing it; the personal satisfaction will be enough.

  12. There was a reason the Wikipedia entry for sociopath narcissist kept getting dumber down over 8 years. Too many hits.

    The same can be said for the Sail Alinshy’s Rules for Radicals entry.

    Google even restricted searches on the subjects to just a few hits, rather than many hits one would find in 2010.

    The is how far they went to control information to protect him.

  13. Cameron must have been clued Barry’s a narcissist by the fact that Barry begins almost every sentence with “I”, “me” or “my”.

  14. The entire world stage realized this all along, but did not say anything. Now that Obumbles is completely irrelevant, they finally found their spine and voice.

  15. Is there a list of all of Obama’s 8 years of screw ups anywhere?


    ⚫Called his wife “Michael” during a speech in front of military officers. (You wouldn’t call any of them by their 1st name)
    ⚫ Signed the wrong YEAR at the Buckingham Palace guest book.
    ⚫ Kept talking during a toast to the queen when the music played and everyone is supposed to shut up.
    ⚫ Only one waiving during a G-20 group photo.
    ⚫ Too uncoordinated to play: Golf, basketball, bowling, ping-pong, throw out a baseball pitch.
    ⚫ Gave the queen unformatted DVDs of his speeches.
    ⚫ Stumbled through his health care speeches.
    ⚫ Ran away and played “Spades” during some crisis (was is Osama bin Laden?)
    ⚫ Rides a bicycle like Pee-Wee Herman.
    ⚫ Shot a shotgun at Camp David in the most hilarious way possible.
    ⚫ If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
    ⚫ Can’t get an umbrella through an iron gate.

    I would love to see a video montage of this.

  16. @Tim January 10, 2018 at 10:04 am

    > But the real question is accountability.

    You’re looking at that “time arrow” in the mirror.

    The Party did not stumble into Shangri La with an eternal, and eternally righteous (or at least striving) government. Which they then — against all odds, against all design, against divine providence — corrupted. Even just a little bit.

    The Party offered a (long) knife to whoever would promise to use it to rob the neighborhood — as long as they, like a good dog, would bring the whole prize back to The Party, to receive their cut. It wasn’t really a gamble. The Party began surrounded by gunmen on The Party’s payroll. Those who proved their worth got a bigger cut. Then a bigger knife, and a bigger bigger cut. Then a gun. You see the pattern.

    The Party’s soldiers do the Party’s bidding, because they wanted to be The Party’s soldiers. Now stand for the anthem, citizen. To honor those who sacrifice for you.

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