David Clarke to reporter: ‘F– you and the horse you rode in on’

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WT: Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reportedly dropped the F-bomb in an email exchange with a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist who was working on a story about the former sheriff’s security detail.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel watchdog columnist Daniel Bice sent Mr. Clarke, an ardent President Trump supporter, a series of questions last week asking how he felt about losing his round-the-clock, taxpayer-funded security detail, which was reportedly put into place in the summer of last year after the sheriff received an onslaught of death threats. Officials last week announced that Mr. Clarke would no longer receive such protection, which reportedly cost more than $220,000 since January.

“Was this a wise use of taxpayer dollars?” Mr. Bice asked, according to screenshots he shared on Twitter… MORE

29 Comments on David Clarke to reporter: ‘F– you and the horse you rode in on’

  1. “his picture scares me. He is one tough looking dude.”

    Yikes, if I ever met him here in town I’d invite him to stay at my place and we’d hit the range the next day. WITH LOTS OF FRIENDS. LOL. I’d be selling tickets. I bet the guy is to much fun one on one. Wow, that rhymes.

  2. I would have replied, “Bice me!”

    But really, Mr Bice-me, if you had done your homework instead of being another presstitute Libtard mouthpiece, a better question might have been, “whose decision was it to start the security detail? Yours? Or the mayor?”

    Yeah, I can see that Mr Bice-me and sheriff Clarke are real buddy-buddies…..NOT!

  3. Joe,

    I have two 1911s on my permit. But no I’m carrying a G19 for a couple reasons. Number one, It’s a damn good combat weapon, Numero 2, don’t like sweating and rusting a 1911. Numero 3, if you get into a shoot the federalizes are going to take your gun. When returned they are not in the best of shape. So I’d rather give up a $500.00 Glock than a $3200.00 Nighthawk Custom. To be clear, my favorite pistol is a 1911. But i won’t bad mouth Glocks.

  4. That’s some great info Brad. I agree.
    I have a custom.45 but it stays in the safe.
    If I was a LEO today I would carry a 1911 on each hip.
    I usually carry a .357 magnum, where I live your more likely to face a bear
    than a bad guy.
    Last person shot in my town was 37 years ago.

  5. Pennsylvania; one horse town out in the woods. More deer than people.
    One of my favorite things to do is arm wrestle the locals
    I rarely loose I’m 275 6 ft. 11. And I’ve arm wrestled for 25 years.
    Everyone here carries there is nothing to do so it’s the range or hunting

  6. Funny…. I’ve always thought you were lucky.
    Making weapons for a living sounds great.
    Too bad your state gives you such a hard time.
    I guide tourists around the area to help them get their deer.
    I’m also a guide in Maine. I have a friend that brings people in by executive jet.
    If they want Maine they stop by and pick me up.
    It beats working for a living

  7. “Phuck you and your little prius tooooooo”.

    Brad, do you customize your own 1911s? I need a drop in
    kit for a combat ejector mod on a mil-spec Norinco 1911. Wilson
    used to sell a slide cutout form to give you the area to
    cut the slide to. Can’t find it anywhere now. It’s the last mod
    I want to do to my $200 Norinco.

  8. “Eff you and the Jackass political party you rode in on”

    Ironically, he was elected to the position as a Democrat.

    If all Democrats were like him, I would be a Democrat. But they’re not.

    Sometimes I wonder if his being black was all that mattered to the voters back when he was originally running for the office.

    They sure hate his common sense ways now. He was their best hope at recruiting Dems from other parties, but they don’t roll that way.

  9. Yikes! BB, head north? If so, stay east of the Cascades. Pretty conservative, lotsa ranchers. One exception; Bend, Ore is fulla limp wristed commie fag transplants. They took their money and ran from states they effed up in the voting booth and brought their self defeating values with them.

  10. Bad_Brad, you’re living in the wrong place if you need permits for handguns. Here in Idaho, all you need to carry concealed is an Idaho driver’s license. Getting a concealed carry permit allows you to purchase a weapon with no background check phone call. You still fill out the form, but it is kept on file in the shop.

    Lots of freedom loving folks are moving here from socialist paradises.

  11. NidahoCatholic

    Idaho is on the list. I like to Bow Hunt, Rifle Hunt and Duck Hunt. It’s number one on my list. The wife, not so much. She hate cold weather and claims she is allergic to snow.


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