David Gibson of Gibson’s Bakery has passed away

The bastards at Oberlin College deliberately dragged out litigation because it knew he was dying from pancreatic cancer:


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  1. Rest in the peace of God’s presence, Mr. Gibson. May God grant peace to his loved ones.

    Oberlin’s response made no attempt to deny his allegations.

  2. Oberlin College will die in hell, which it deserves. The College of Wooster and other “Liberal” arts schools will follow.

  3. Everyone around here knows they did that. Trust me, the people in these parts hate the college more and more. This will really piss a few of those fence walkers off enough to jump over to the other side.
    Stopped at 3 stores in the area ( 10-15 mile radius) and i heard people bitching about the bastards at everyone today.

  4. Sue the college again, this time for the stress that caused or contributed to the cancer that killed him. Drive a stake through Oberlein’s black heart.

  5. In some cases in society, it would be acceptable if Muslims took over and instituted their brand of justice.

    At least temporarily, you could witness your enemies punish your other enemies.


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