David Perdue plans to run for governor of Georgia

Georgia Record: Former U.S. Sen. David Perdue plans to challenge Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in the Republican primary next year, according to multiple people with knowledge of his decision, setting up a divisive contest between two of the state’s leading GOP figures ahead of a likely general election matchup with Stacey Abrams. more

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  1. If I remember correctly Perdue encouraged Trump to back Kemp, and Perdue did not do anything to stop the steal. In fact he got booo’d off the stage at a Trump rally right after the steal. I am not understanding why Trump is reported to endorse him.

  2. “We live and we learn but none the wiser grow.”

    Maybe if the Republicans started shooting themselves in the head instead of the foot we could get rid of some of these idiots.

  3. It looks like Georgia is going to have two shit sandwiches to choose from.

    As for Trump endorsing him, he has endorsed other RINOs. People need to think for themselves. The Trump family endorsed our governor as well when he was a candidate, I said it was stupid and it certainly didn’t make me vote for him.

    Now people are so surprised he won’t do anything about death jab mandates and caved to the black crowd and stopped a man from being executed. A man who shot his victim in front of his two daughters. Nobody seemed to care about their justice.

    Not surprising to me at all, heck he surprises me that he’s done as well as he’s done, but he had to get knocked down a peg or two by the courts by telling him you can’t pick and choose businesses to shut down.

  4. Two compromised REpubliCAN’Ts….
    One….insider COVID trading….
    The other….election fraud committed to placate the “Tank” that he rode in on.

  5. Old Racist White Woman
    DECEMBER 6, 2021 AT 9:48 AM
    “It looks like Georgia is going to have two shit sandwiches to choose from.”

    …almost. it’s two shit sandwiches to split the vote and leave one side bitter and angry so they won’t show up at the General, leaving the Democrat to win even WITHOUT Dominion rearranging the votes.

    As planned.

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