Day 4: Iran rocked by MASSIVE PROTESTS as images of Khamenei set on fire and banks burned

Geller Report: President Trump’s policy and sanctions are working. Perhaps the people of Iran believe they can trust the USA after the bloody betrayal of Obama in 2009. It may not seem like much, but it takes enormous courage to tweet the revolution. The last time the people rose up, those tweeting photos and support for the revolution for freedom, disappeared without a trace.

And don’t let the media fool you. It’s not about petrol….

“Reports have been received from some cities that many guns have fallen into the hands of people following the attack on police stations, and military bases of Basijis militia.” read more

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  1. As I posted earlier, they’re never going to find a better time!
    Trump’s full support will be behind them unlike the last dirtbag that bankrolled the regime.

  2. It would be nice during the upcoming holiday season if the Ayatollah would be dragged into the streets by his beard and hanged from a lamppost like a Christmas ornament.

  3. I would welcome a truly secular non-Mohameddan government take over in Iran. For one thing, they would be a counterweight to Turkey’s increasing Mohammedanism and corruption.

  4. “This could go somewhere!”

    What are the citizens supposed to use? Rocks, harsh language, fistfuls of sand? If you think the Hong Kong police brutally retaliate against their demonstrators, wait until the Ayatollah unleashes his Artesh.

  5. A couple of days ago on youtube I discovered a series of videos about kung fu culture in China. With a statement that the videos were partially funded by the Chinese government. I thought, will this be worth watching or mainly propaganda? What will happen to the ‘related videos list’ if I watched episode 1?

    Not surprising, as expected, the recommended related videos had several videos about how in Honk Kong people are turning against the protesters, increasingly supporting Beijing government intervention. Apple, Facebook, Google, Youtube, support the tyrants of the world and will adjust their filters of what information is allowed or not. From China or from Iran.

    However, the Iranian protesters do have better timing this time round – Mullah supporter Barry O, is gone. A new cart upsetter is in town.

  6. Any Gummint that orders its police & military to slaughter it’s own people has lost any shred of legitimacy and needs to go.


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