Day Of Mourning, February 23rd 2019

With New York State’s panicked expansion of abortion, activists are calling on everyone to mourn those who have lost their chance at a future.

Tomorrow, a Day of Mourning is going to be held at the Empire State Plaza from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. A number of speakers are going to address the gathered. We are all being encouraged to “Wear black, Don’t Shop, Close Your Business, and Repent for Abortion,” even if we can’t make the event.

There will be gatherings in 20 cities. The event in Albany is already sold out.  More

Their website Here

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  1. My first child was killed in a San Francisco abortion clinic in 1973. I didn’t learn about it until years later by accident. I’ll always wonder about what my first child would have been like. Was it the daughter I never had? I’ll never know.

  2. My eldest daughter’s birthday is tomorrow. This would seriously ruin her day. I grieve for all of the murdered infants.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. I was put up for adoption at birth in 1958. Makes me lean pro-life a little. “Woman body, woman choice”, sounds so much better than “Oh yea, I just killed my kid.” I hope the guilt consumes them.

  4. Hambone, Dadof4 has a similar story. He used to be Dadof3, but changed it when he found out. So sad. I’m sorry for you.

  5. Hambone, I had a niece or nephew that was murdered. I didn’t find out about it until years later. I still wonder what he/she would have been like and there was no reason to murder him/her, I would have raised him/her, other family members would have raised him/her.

  6. I feel ya Hambone.

    In my case the only regret she has, if you asked her today, is that it could have been her only daughter she killed. It’s still about her and not the life taken.

    Just one facet of why we aren’t together anymore.

    P.S. Thank you for remembering, Claudia. For the record, I found out about the deed right after it happened in `82. It was Plain Jane that suggested I should count the child, and after some thought, I changed my name here.

  7. Lazlo the Youngest may be 41 this year. I was taken out of the decision loop at 18 by her parents and told there would be an abortion. I have reasons to doubt this. I live in a Schrodinger’s cat type of mindset about this.
    I have often grieved, and often hoped he or she was born.
    It is something where I wish I could go back in time and kick the living shit out of my younger self {So I guess that proves they don’t invent time travel in my lifetime).
    I hope that somewhere there is an modern day Abraham arguing with God on our behalf:
    Abraham: “Ok, if there are twenty righteous people in that town will you spare them?”
    God: “No twenty is not enough. Fifty, that’s my last offer, take or leave it”
    Abraham:”Thirty-five, and they promise not to act out for a hundred years”
    God:Forty-two and you better knock that crap off forever. Do not make me come down there.”

  8. Dadof4, I remember because it broke my heart. I was so touched that you shared it with us. I’m glad Plain Jane suggested the name change.

  9. I hope they have plenty of security at Empire State Plaza tomorrow. Some people may show up that will need their asses kicked. Know what I mean. I’m just sick of those that advocate for murder. Where the left is, death dwells.

  10. The beautiful thing about our Lord, and the way he created us, is that those babies LIVE today! In heaven, with Him. Thankfully, His mercy is greater than our sin. For all of you grieving the lost lives of your children, please take comfort in knowing that you will meet them one day. And it will be glorious!

  11. Although I don’t live in New York I will be praying tomorrow morning that God will hear the prayers of all the good people in NY who will be attending this Day of Mourning event and will begin to put an end to abortion in NY and all across the country. I met both David and Jason Bentham when I rescued with Operation Rescue in San Diego in Aug. 1996, they are both good men and can use all of our prayers tomorrow.

  12. This is a very complex issue. Abortion doctors, who can no longer perform their sacred sacrament have been murdered by right wing extremists.

    I weep

  13. @Hambone and Dadof4 – I truly feel your pain. My youngest had an abortion when she was in her mid 20’s. She never told me (her mother did) and we have never talked about it. I have always wondered what I lost, a granddaughter or grandson. I’ll never know. I pray and cry for that little one all the time.
    My youngest just had her second alive child 2 days ago. A boy. We are ecstatic, but I’ll always miss and think of that first child….


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