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Day of Rectuming

As if we needed another reminder that our national culture has literally gone down the crapper, it was revealed this week that first daughter Malia Obama has taken work as a summer intern on Lena Dunham’s screamingly liberal, graphically sexual HBO series “Girls” – which infamously featured an onscreen act of analingus.

By the way, analingus should not be confused with Aer Lingus, which is a lovely Irish jet service which you can enjoy without chugging a bottle of Listerine afterwards.  more


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  1. Wish the LoFos would focus on the few things that Obola does have knowledge of and competence in.

    Let’s see, anal sex is one, chooming another…….. faking a ghetto affect when it suits him. That’s about it.

  2. I thought it was chocolate starfishlingus…..
    seems the moral values of some people is non exsistant.

  3. Didn’t the leftist media go poo-flinging berserk over one of President Bush’s daughters being a little tipsy at a party or something? They let the most atrocious behavior slide with the obummer family. I don’t expect anything else from the leftist media.

  4. LoFo media reports it thus:
    “Malia lands an internship at…”

    OH YEAH.
    Like she had to apply.
    Or interview.
    Or compete.

    There’s plenty of butt kissing and licking going on all over….

  5. So much wrong with this, but Malia was a fan before she was 17. So this is the type of student that represents Sidwell Friends school, well versed in Lena Dunham’s GIRLS complete with nudity, oral, anal, and whatever other sex they portray. Does she tell her classmates all she’s learned watching this perversion?

    Her “job” is to get actors coffee and “helping keep the public off the set during filming.” IOW we’re paying the Secret Service to provide security on Dunham’s set. Like someone could actually get close enough to Malia at the entrance, amiright?

    So gee, will Malia head up to Martha’s Vineyard on weekends of the family vacation, or will she take two weeks from her oh so long and exhausting summer internship? Or maybe she will stay in the city so gal pal Lena can show her around New York’s vineyards?

  6. From the article: Alex Karpovsky: “This could be the year of the anus.”

    No, actually, this could be the year of the @$$ho!e!!

  7. I got nothing to say about Malaria, but hope they are not in the White House for another 15 months. Ugh.

  8. And he and his wife and daughter watched it together. Sorry, I firmly believe he molested that girl and is probably still doing her.

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