Day whatever: Isolation taking its toll

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  1. That’s what we call an easy target where I’m located (not a bad idea actually). Maybe, the little vermin will sit still long enough to make a decent shot.

    Squirrels are cute little fellas to watch, but they are destructive as can be. I have a piece of half inch TV cable (from up on a pole) that has been chewed through to the center conductor by squirrels (which caused a cable / internet outage for several customers). My biggest worry is that now we’ll have squirrels with Alzheimer’s (from eating the aluminum jacket on the cable) that won’t remember that they just ate several nuts a couple of minutes ago off of my pecan trees.

  2. This has been over a month for me to prevent catching anything. No go anywhere except for chemo. I’m starting to go daft. Yesterday was our 53 wedding anniversary. We celebrated by hugging and watching Green Acres. I detest the CCP, the DS, the dems and the soreass group of thugs.

  3. The damnable governor has just extended it through May 4.

    I can relate though, made two birdhouses with the kids today.

    Can’t even shop at the craft store, but I have plenty of scrap wood, some doug fir fire wood still left and a shake knife.

    The natives are restless, they have been cooped up for over a month at home already (their school was the first one in the State shut down) and the two little ones have gone on the warpath. What they lack in size they make up for in savage ferocity. It is all I can do to keep them from murdering each other or dismantling our home brick by brick.

  4. I’m thinking that if I can petition enough alfalfa farmers and beef ranchers in central Washington that a solid case for an exemption for rockchuck shooters might free me up to move the RV over the pass. I talked to a guy in the department of agriculture today about an exemption and he is all for it.

    To not have the chucks shot down to a manageable level would impose a severe hardship on growers. It is not like painting a building or other job that can wait, if they don’t get shot off early they clip all of the alfalfa off as soon as it comes up and then do it again a few days later. They can lose an entire field for a season if they cannot get the crop started. God knows if they were menacing the marijuana crop the guv would have already put out an executive order.

    Dabblers and duffers are not going to cut it.

  5. Since my wife’s company shut down 3 weeks ago and through the grace of God decided to keep paying everyone (this even before the federal government said they would make good on small business payroll) and just yesterday called and told her 4th week is coming, we have been treating it like the best vacation of our lives!

    Staying home with the one you love most in life all the time is truly a gift from God and proof to me that not all lawyers are evil because my wife works at a law office for 6 lawyers with a staff of about 20 full and part timers.

    I still do not understand why all I see is bitching about being forced to stay with the ones you supposedly love…. oh well if there is one thing this crisis has done it is show just how shallow and liars most people are!

  6. @ cslamer APRIL 3, 2020 AT 2:56 AM

    Three “outdoor” kids, State and National Parks off limits, State forests off limits, DNR land off limits, can’t launch your boat go fishing in Puget Sound or even the Pacific Ocean… the list is endless and growing daily. Can’t visit friends’ homes and on and on. If anyone thinks they are going to take their kids on a hike in a National Forest the bastards have closed off access to all the trailheads.

    FWIW, the kids also look forward to Mass every Sunday and they are missing that too. For the first time ever I can sit and watch a documentary without them wanting to watch something else, they are totally sick of television.

  7. I’m with you, JDHasty, our damnable (and worse) governor in Wash. state by cooping us up until May 4th has pretty much killed any Mother’s Day deliveries for the company that I work for since Mother’s Day is May 10th. I ‘m hoping we get an exemption to start a week or two earlier otherwise we and the florists we serve are screwed. But I doubt it. The Bonner County Sherriff up in Sandpoint, Idaho says that the whole thing is unconstitutional and I heartily agree with him. Let’s hope that this whole friggin mess is over sooner rather than later as the natives are starting to get restless.

  8. For some reason I think I got rid of my copy of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations (the journal he never wanted published) and another on Epictetus; the two sides to the Stoicism coin. Being a natural stoic has really helped a lot at this time. 🙂

    Interested? Here’s a rather good lecture that will not make you feel like you wasted another hour in lockdown:

  9. Early stages yet, it will take a few more hours before I go over the edge…”Life in the Petri Dish”, by Deplorable Chapter 1 Plague Knocks at my door… Chapter 2 Terror stops by for a discussion… Chapter 3 Veterans Crisis Line puts me on hold…

  10. For those of you who prefer something on the lighter side (and would like to share a good story with your middle-schoolers), I found “All Creatures Great and Small” on audio book, read by Christopher Timothy (the actor who played James Herriot in the BBC series). He does an excellent job with the voices:

    Part 2 is there, too.

  11. I’m so bored I made a pull toy of a family of wooden ducks…problem is I have no toddlers at the house.

  12. Well, isn’t it nice to have a nanny state to tell us what we can and can’t do? It’s a Lib-Tard’s dream come true and they did it without passing a single law or firing a single shot too. How much are we willing to give up for an outcome that we can only speculate about? This is no way to live and I’m in the plus 70 age group that MAY get the virus and not recover. I’d rather take my chances.
    Living in lock down indefinitely is unacceptable. How many more “pandemics” can we as a nation survive doing what we are doing now? If this is Liberty give me death.

  13. I’ve spent parts of the last week trying to file an unemployment claim. No luck and out of frustration I’m giving up for now. Our governor here in Michigan would rather spend her time with the national media auditioning for a VP slot than trying to fix her constituents problems. I’ve got money and can survive just fine but I’ve got nephews and friends that need the assistance.

  14. For those seeking a really bad read and some good laughs, may I suggest the podcast “372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back.” It’s done by Mike Nelson from “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and now “Rifftrax.”

    Episode 19 they review “Eye of Argon,” by Jim Theis apparently a rare classic from the 1970’s that’s been a phenomenon at Science Fiction / Fantasy conventions.

    The book is free online, so you can read the assignment then listen to the podcast.

  15. Here in Ohio the breathless Amy Acton gives her dire updates every day. It is remarkable how much she looks and sounds like Marianne Williamson… or maybe a porn star. Listen to her some time! “It’s not a lockdown, look at it as an Open Up” (yeah, she really said that!)
    Every week the lock-down gets more severe as they ratchet up the control level. Meanwhile we’re all getting squirrelly! Maybe I should say froggy cuz us frogs are gonna wind up getting boiled alive with this.
    I feel like I’m sitting in an airport gate waiting for the plane to arrive when you hear the announcement: “We’re sorry, but the plane has been delayed. It should be here in a half hour”
    A half hour comes and goes and there’s a nuther announcement: “We’re sorry for the delay. Looks like it’s going to be about a half hour.”
    An hour later: “We’re sorry, but it now looks like the plane will be here in about 30 minutes”
    They just keep stringing you along this way until the flight is finally cancelled.
    Makes ya wonder: When are they going to announce that the economy has been cancelled???

  16. For my birthday this Wednesday, I got a roll of TP, 5 mini hand sanitizers and 6 N95 masks.
    Oh, and a couple cans of cashews.

  17. Deplorable Second Class, thanks for the list of all the old time radio shows. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar is one of my favorites, also anything from Dimension X and X Minus One, Gunsmoke and I’m glad to see that there was some Bob & Ray as well. I watched the old Marx Brothers movie Monkey Business on TCM the other day just because I needed some good humor.

  18. geoff the aardvark, my favorites are under “Suspense” and “the black museum”. I download the mp3s and play them at night when I can’t sleep, that’s most nights. Many good ones are done by Orson Welles. One I really like is “on a country road” with Carry Grant.

  19. AA..Little Black Sambo is a good childrens book, the original one, that Sambo is real scamp !!!! 169 pancakes indeed !!!

  20. Anonymous, I gave my copy of Little Black Sambo from when I was a kid to my daughter to read to my now almost 3 year old granddaughter in Nashville about a year ago. Esther will be 3 on Easter Sunday.

  21. I’ll let you know when I get to the shut-in part.

    Rain is the only thing slowing me down right now. People are calling with problems I can solve, so I do.

    We don’t need to even see each other when it comes down to it.

    My shut-in projects are really my winter projects of house repair & maintenance that I couldn’t get to. I need to work 12 hour days right now if I want to get to everything.

    My church went skeleton crew last Sunday and just did the service live stream. That ended up with me singing on camera for the first time in a very long time. Gotta say – it’s much easier when you don’t have a bunch of faces to look at.

    So, yeah, Claudia. The facebook account that had my baptism has the videos of the services you can check out, if you want to see THAT lameness. 🙂

  22. There are a lot of good ones out there – SPERDVAC Radio Theater and Boxcars711 Old Time Radio Pod are a couple of good podcasts that I listen to. They take you back to another era.

  23. DSC, the best episodes of Suspense were Leningen vs The Ants, The Hitchhiker with Orson Welles and the one with the back seat passenger who takes Jim and Marian Jordan AKA Fibber McGee and Molly for a ride. And Zero Hour by Ray Bradbury which scared the hell out of my daughter when the Martians finished their kids game of Invasion. I won’t give away the ending but when the mom lets out the blood curdling scream at the end, it’s over. And the Screaming Woman by Ray Bradbury as well. My personal favorites are from Norman Corwin, I have the CD which includes The Odyssey of Runyon Jones (a great kid’s story about a boy and his love for his dog) and The Undecided Molecule with Groucho Marx and many other stars. And Earth Abides from Escape on my copy of Radio Classics selected by Greg Bell as well as Arch Obler’s Plays with Johnny Got His Gun with James Cagney, a truly great story about a a quadrapalegic World War 1 vet blind and deaf with no arms and legs trapped inside his mind and his body trying to get those who care for him that he’s really alive in his mind and his dreams. There is also another one with Jimmy Stewart from Suspense or Escape where he is a disabled vet in a VA facility who thinks that he sees his Japanese captor in World War 2 and plots to kill him. I love radio far more than TV because it truly is the theater of the mind and nothing can scare you more or entertain you more than your own wild imagination.

  24. i went back to watching ancient history shows. I spent my toddler years in Minoan country so that stuff always interests me. Would like to see Petra before some you-know-whos- blow it up .

  25. Different Tim, I signed up for unemployment online at 7:30 this morning.Its impossible to get through by phone. I live in Michigan.


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