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Daylight Saving – Movie Trailer

daylight savings movie

This November, they call it Daylight Saving but the thing that needs saving…is us!

h/t Christine

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  1. A nice, subtle reminder LOL. It fell perfectly this year – sleep in a bit before I go raid walmart for their leftover halloween candy at half price.

  2. I hear the government is running out of warehouse space to house all of the daylight that has been accumulated, and they can’t just release it for fear of contributing to global warming. Underground storage is being considered.


  3. Thanks for a Sunday morning chuckle.

    An old Indian proverb says, “Only a White man would cut off one end of a blanket and sew it on the other day, believing it made it longer.”

  4. For decades, the left turn arrow went red after time for 3 or 4 cars, then STOPPED
    Coupla a-holes decide that ‘allowing’ all those left turners the gift of a flashing yellow arrow, presto-effin-chango, and now every city cuts trillions of tons of gorebull warming pollution.
    effin a-holes

  5. Daylight Saving – another worthless scam leftover from the Wilson Administration.

    We really are stupid to put up with this bullshit.

  6. OK. Got it. Pity it ain’t real ’cause it looked good:

    “Nacho Punch returns with the inevitable sequel to the fake movie trailer that gave us an extra hour, just in time to steal it back. I’m really loving these. I can’t wait for the third one.”

  7. So just exactly how do you save daylight? Is there a daylight savings bank out there? The amount of daylight never changes from year to year, it’s a constant and always stays the same depending on how far N or S you live from the Equator. Those of us in more Northern latitudes have more daylight than those who live further South. DUH! Eezy peasy, lemon squeazy, now if we just got the govt. to quit messing with setting arbitrary amts. of light and dark every Spring and Fall we’d be far better off. Besides animals and early risers like me know always know what time it is, no matter what the govt. tells us it is just because of the position of the Sun according to what time of year it is. Pet peeve over and out, quit messing with it!

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