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DC on Edge as Chinese-Made Drones Are Detected in Restricted Airspace

GP: A surge in drone activity in restricted airspace over sites such as the White House, the Capitol and the Pentagon in Washington has U.S. officials concerned about possible Chinese espionage, Politico reported Wednesday.

Hundreds of Chinese-made drones have been detected in D.C. no-fly zones in recent months, according to the report.

The Senate Homeland Security, Commerce and Intelligence committees have been briefed on the alarming situation by U.S. officials and drone industry experts, according to Politico, which cited “three people privy to the meetings.”

“Everybody is very concerned and trying to figure out what to do,” a government contractor who has helped to collect drone data for federal authorities told the outlet.

However, those software restrictions can be easily bypassed.

“There’s YouTube videos that could walk your grandparents through how to update the software on one of these drones to be non-detectable and to do a whole lot of other things — get rid of elevation ceilings, all kinds of stuff,” the contractor said, according to Politico. MORE

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  1. “DC on Edge as Chinese-Made”……

    On edge, my ass

    The merchants of destruction are counting the seconds till their coffers are filled with ill-gotten money.

  2. They’re not from the Chinese. Biden gives them all our secrets and reports to them every move he makes. I mean, his handlers do it. Biden only does the scripts given to him.

  3. That pales in comparison to the Chinese-owned drone in the White House ordering the military to destroy itself as we speak…

  4. Ann Nonymous Prime

    I believe around the White House they would actually need to turn off a weapons system in order for those drones to penetrate that air space. Pretty sure Raytheon Missile was awarded that contract like 12 years ago.

  5. Brad–

    The article says:

    “…a surge in drone activity in restricted airspace over sites such as the White House, the Capitol and the Pentagon…”

    So, maybe that weapons system has already been turned off…?

  6. MSNBC: By Golly Gee-Whiz, I think our wonderful Mr. President Biden maybe ought to take a look at these drone things…why those Chinese fellows may be up to no good.

  7. Browning BPS 10 Gauge (#4 Buck)

    Or perhaps some other scatter gun of your choosing…

    Volunteers would Hell I know some that would pay for the privilege of doing it like Sporting Clays.

  8. Ever get the feeling the chinx are gradually


    And what is the current Administration and
    Congress doing about it?

    As expected, absolutely NOTHING.

  9. Why worry? The Chambers of Commerce and Better Business Bureaus have told us that the Chinese Communists are our best friends, haven’t they?

  10. Ann Nonymous Prime

    I believe so. It’s that old friend or foe system. Any friendly aircraft emits a signal identifying it as a friend. If it doesn’t emit that signal it’s met with multiple levels of defense depending on range and altitude. When a plane invades that airspace they will scramble on F-16. But they have solutions for close in too.

    There use to be a Gov webb site that published all the contracts over 500K that the government awarded to the various defense contractors. This clown show of an administration discontinued that because us tax payers have no business knowing where are dollars are going. Fing assholes. Excuse my french.

  11. So why aren’t the YouTube videos taken down as they are a threat to national security? They take down videos of people planning a church gathering in the middle of a pandemic on the same grounds.

  12. Of course these drones are being used for electronic espionage. And it wouldn’t take much effort to weaponize them for other purposes. And I bet they are electronically hardened to withstand the EMP weapons the Feds have to take down such devices. Need to perfect other methods to counter them.

  13. Biden, Newsom, McConnell’s CCP wife, Harris’ CCP-associated husband and numerous others must be clapping their hands with demented glee at the idea of their CCP friends coming to ‘visit’.


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