DC Police Chief Goes Off After Latest Shooting: ‘You Cannot Coddle Violent Criminals!’

American Lookout-

Democrat policies have put the United States in an awful position. A violent criminal gets arrested, and within a day is back out on the street, no bail required.

This has caused a massive wave of violent crime throughout the country, and many police are frustrated by it, as well as the public.

In Washington, DC this week there was another shooting and the acting police chief went off. more

9 Comments on DC Police Chief Goes Off After Latest Shooting: ‘You Cannot Coddle Violent Criminals!’

  1. Just like Illegal Immigrants are Undocumented Democrats. (I’m sure all of them crossing the border now, will vote Democrat 2022)
    They aren’t criminals, they’re Democrat/Cartel employees.
    Is there any other reason to release so many from prisons?

  2. “Where have you been for 30 yrs, asshole?”

    Yep, and he still has major issues with me carrying a gun. So Fuck Off again.

  3. here’s a thought … these black lackeys (‘blackeys’?) of the ‘New World Order’ are completely in line with defunding the police & allowing murderers & other criminals to go free as long as they’re killing the lower classes … no problem whatsoever

    … but, throw a few rounds around ‘our betters’, make them uncomfortable in their posh restaurants & too expensive for the hoi-poli ballparks & all hell breaks loose! oh yeah, gotta protect the Massah! yassuh Mr. Benny, yassuh!

    don’t the blacks see this? … doesn’t anyone see this????

    maybe I’ll call Carlson …. before he starts sleeping w/ a pillow over his face

  4. He has no standing, he’s a lifetime voting democrat. No sympathy from any Trump voter, this asshole chief put antifa and blm right in the path of Trump supporters and made them walk right into confrontation and deliberately offered no protection. His marching orders come directly and only from DC democrats. He cares not about the crime, he supports and votes for it.

  5. We need capital punishment. No namby pamby lib crap of smpending years in prison. Swift justice. Hanging. Tomorrow morning.


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