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DC Residents Shocked to See Grocery Store with No Food

CTH: The empty shelf problems in/around DC last weekend were mostly due to regional weather and employment issues.  However, the snapshot represents an example of how people react to their first encounter.  The conditions in the video represent a worst-case-scenario for those who have been watching the supply chain issue coming over the horizon. {Go Deep}

I doubt our average 2022 result will be this bad overall; however, there are areas where this might be the status.  For most people outside urban areas this severity of a food store shortage is unlikely, unless the federal government gets involved.  If the federal government intervenes, this will be more common.

We know from prior examples, if these types of conditions were to last for just 72 hours across every store in a metropolitan region, you would see a level of panic begin.  Civic stability remains relatively stable for 72 hours (3 days).  However, if these conditions are persistent for more than 3 days the general mindset of the population changes quickly.  Things rapidly deteriorate.  After three days, all reference points for civic norms are gone. more

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  1. Here’s a funny one.
    I’m embarrassed to say, but I was craving and looking for Cheetos at the store.
    The shelves were empty.
    So I have been looking at other places.
    No Cheetos. Any stores.

  2. It’s bad for the consumer, but it’s also bad for the manufacturers and suppliers.
    Can’t wait to see what profits look like for the 2022 financial year!!

  3. Reap the harvest of Communism!

    …you may expect more of the same to come.

    You will be served heaping helpings of hate propaganda by “your” goverment, though, along with promises that it will be made better once we defeat those evil Whypeopo.

    Eat THOSE if you will.

    You will get nothing else unless you do and say and vote as you are told.

    …Remember when Black people had to please their Democrat masters to be given bread, housing, and medical care?

    …guess what?

    …You once more have to please your Democrat masters to be given bread, housing, and medical care.

    …Nice to know some things never change, I guess.

    But at least during the ORIGINAL slavery, the slaves KNEW they were slaves and hated their masters accordingly.

    That doesn’t seem to be the case this time. Instead, they listen when master turns their hatred towards those who would free them.

    …I guess they were taught to hate freedom more. Freedom is scary. You can fail in freedom. You have to work in it, and work to keep it.

    …but please master, and master may throw you some crumbs. May even make you an overseer so you can whip others below you.

    …as long as you whip them FOR master, of course…


  4. You voted for these commie cretins so live with it or change how you vote.
    Buy local. No supply chain issues.

  5. Largest cities first, then up through the chain. The smallest will be hit next, no purchasing power. TPTB or, THTwannaB weren’t aware just how fragile everything really is. They actually believe creating more fiat money out of thin air will solve problems with production and distribution. Supply drives demand you fecking idiots, demand never can drive supply. But, you’re too well educated and credentialed to understand that.

  6. What if everybody in DC had their Jab Cards and masks on Saturday, but there was nothing to buy? Not even a thing left to loot?

  7. Well it’s true that we have too many fat asses in this country, but democRATz won’t be happy until we all look like North Koreans!

    The democRAT slogan: We’re not happy ’till you’re not happy!

  8. If you wanna see empty shelves, just wait until JoePedo introduces price controls to “battle inflation”. Lord, help us all.

  9. This is great news! The end of the pandemic called “OBESITY!” However, there will be hell to pay in the hood if there’s no Skittles or Colt 45. Meanwhile, if you didn’t buy it when you see it, it won’t be there for you again. If nothing else, remember, you can live on peanut butter indefinitely.

  10. Not a day goes by now where we don’t have to shut at least one line down for lack of materials, lack of people, or both.

    In my complex of FOOD PLANTS.

    …it’s getting more and more common for, when we DO get materials from farm suppliers, like green beans for example, we have to reject for quality reasons since they shipped us a load of stems or a load of bugs instead.

    And no, it’s not our name. You wouldn’t know it if I told you, but we produce for many giant food companies you WOULD know (that I can’t tell you) and OUR name never comes up in those transactions except as a “Ship To” point, so its these really HUGE companies with LOTS of buying power getting short-sheeted, not US.

    And the food business is pretty incestuous on a local level, in that everyone has worked in everyone else’s plant at one time or another, and ALL are having the same issues.

    We have plants in other states and other countries of our own, too.

    Same issues.

    The Communists have crumped the nutz on the food processors, the middle link of “field to face”, pretty effectively. It’s even WORSE with getting a truck to move in EITHER direction. And machine parts you could once OVERNIGHT now have lead timez of MONTHS. Sometimes, I can’t even buy a CABLE.

    Making it WORSE are modern management theories that kind sorta worked in a normal world, like 5S where you threw out perfectly good spare parts if you didn’t use them for awhike and “Just In Time” stockkeeping for raw material delivery, but those do NOT work in the Democrat wrecked logistical world, and management is slow to catch up.

    And more lockdowns loom.

    My plant was ‘essential’ the first time, we never shut down for Coof, but some suppliers like people who made cartons and cardboard sleeves did, and still haven’t recovered. It never seems to dawn on Communists Central Planners that no business is an island, they are INTERDEPENDENT.

    Another Coof lockdown should kill us all.

    Business wise, that is.

    Also, the Democrat Supreme Court should be ratifying the Unconstitutional Coof Jab Mandate tomorrow.

    There go our Muslims from Africa and Catholics from Hispanic lands.

    Remember how I said we can’t staff lines as it is?

    Do THAT, even with test options and their attendant scarcity and massive rate of false positives, and we may not be able to staff ANY of them…

    …I don’t know how you can write a business plan for this. No people, no money, government CONSTANTLY screwing with EVERYTHING on a whim, and what folks you CAN get will be looking for a RAISE real soon, since EVERYONE desperately needs people.

    Pretty good recipe to kill private businesses, nicht wahr?

    …which was probably the plan all along.

    And if certain troublesome parts of the population starve in the process?

    Icing on the cake. Typical Communist strategy, in fact, always has been, always will be.

    Of course they can use the most brutal of those they are starving in the New Military.

    Turn them loose on Red states and tell them they can eat whatever they don’t rape.

    It’s been done before, and the devil always repeats….

  11. They hate us. When government is a tool used by the people to handle things that the individual cannot do on his own there is prosperity, longevity, and happiness. But, when the government becomes self-aware; an entity with its own momentum, interests, ambitions, and sense of self-preservation, the people will always become the enemy in the eyes of the state. Who stands in the way of the growth of government? It is those pesky people with their “rights”. And why must the government periodically interrupt its wondrous doings by having these foolish elections? That time and money could be spent growing the size and power of the government and all its thousands of support organizations, institutions, and people – friends and relatives of the state.

    The self-aware state has no humanity, no compassion. It is a wealth and power-hungry beast. Did any such beast in all of history shy away from submitting its subjects to poverty, starvation, slave labor and mass murder? And, has any civilization, even with the best of intentions, not eventually devolved to the beast?

    But our government is made up of people just like us. Surely, they would not hate us and seek to enslave and kill us? The pillaging, butchering, and raping armies of Genghis Khan were made up of people. The Nazis that marched neighbors to the trains were people. The Australian police beating children and old ladies for not taking their experimental injections or donning the mask are people.

    People have no influence on the actions and motivations of the organizations of which they are a part. They become just bricks in a loathsome edifice. The great number of the people will do their part to further the interests of the organization no matter how vile the actions they are called upon to perform against their neighbors.

  12. Remember when President Reagan said: “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”?

    Our enemies have figured out how to hide behind Big Government (posing as the great Central Planning savior) while sabotaging everything they get their grubby hands on!

  13. I have not seen anything quite like that where I am. There have been some noticeable, large gaps in the milk section for a while. I went to Winn Dixie yesterday and the beef display is much smaller. There is plenty of chicken and tons of large turkeys (1.29 per lb) and hams filling the center-floor coolers. It might be a good idea to cook a few turkeys to debone and put in the freezer. It’s inexpensive protein.

  14. Ted Nougat – You may not have seen empty shelves.. yet, but I’ll bet you’ve seen higher prices. Higher prices reflect scarcity too. Supply & Demand rules price.

  15. Prices still climbing. The dairy section was hardest hit this week and I had to settle for 2nd tier saltines today. Gas was up 49% compared to a year ago. It was up 50% last week. FJB.

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