DC school promises to protect students from knowledge

American Thinker| Although slavery has been a part of history since the dawn of man, Progressives have convinced themselves that it existed only in America and only as to blacks.  Combining this historic blindness with excessive deference to student sensibilities reached peak wokeness in a Washington, D.C. elementary school.

Fifth-grade teachers at Lafayette Elementary School, as part of teaching about the Civil War and Reconstruction, asked students to show their understanding of the material by creating “living pictures,” podcasts, or dramatic readings.

Problems arose, though, when some students asked others to…  Well, let’s quote from CNN to grasp the full horror:

Some students of color were asked by their peers to play roles that are “inappropriate and harmful,” including “a person of color drinking from a segregated water fountain and an enslaved person,” the team wrote. more

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  1. Knowledge is dangerous and there are certain things people just don’t need to know. I applaud protecting them from unnecessary knowledge, as long as better, wiser people like me are deciding for them what’s necessary or not.

  2. Can we please get rid of all the idiots who use this website to shill all their get rich quick scams. THANK YOU! If they’re going to keep it up at least aim for the suckers who believe in Joel Osteen’s prosperity gospel and Scamway as well. And leave us the hell alone.

  3. “Power seekers have always known that if men are to be made submissive, the obstacle is not their feelings, their wishes, or their ‘instincts’, but their minds; if men are to be ruled, then the enemy is reason.” ~ Ayn Rand


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