De Blasio Draws 15 people in South Carolina Campaign Stop

America Mirror: Even food wasn’t enough to lure South Carolinians into hearing Bill de Blasio speak.

The New York City mayor was campaigning in South Carolina this weekend and only 15 people turned out to a breakfast held for his campaign.

De Blasio was joined by Orangeburg Mayor Michael Butler.

The photo posted by NY1’s Grace Rauh shows several empty seats, despite the small expected turnout. more here

13 Comments on De Blasio Draws 15 people in South Carolina Campaign Stop

  1. How one of the great cities in the world elected this moron is beyond comprehension. Then again, the greatest country in the world elected a malignant moron baned barack hussein obama. Twice.

  2. Heck! if i had been in Columbia yesterday, i might have gone for the free grub…. nah, never mind.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. 15 Bums

    waddya get

    another Day older and some Beto sweat

    dnc don’tcha nominate Me cuz I got no hope

    I owe My soul to Georgie Soroooooooos!

  4. ‘De Blasio Draws 15 people in South Carolina Campaign Stop’

    What a bum. I could have drawn 3 times that many people in the same amount of time. Is his hand broken or something?

    Plus, I bet he can’t draw women. If he does, I bet they all look like Forky.

  5. So. If you subtract Journalists, free range free shitters, kids on skateboards, and tourists asking for directions, how many were there?


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