De Blasio is a superb mayor, says taxpayer-funded YouTube videos



Someone tell Bill de Blasio he won the election.

The mayor’s taxpayer-funded p.r. machine has spit out 250 YouTube videos since he took office — including some slickly produced messages that look a lot like campaign ads.

Complete with voice-overs, soaring music and interviews with New Yorkers waxing poetic about Hizzoner, the videos are created by former de Blasio campaign workers now employed by City Hall.

“I feel like Bill de Blasio and [wife] Chirlane [McCray] have brought the love back to New York City,” an unnamed woman gushes in one video while waiting to tour Gracie Mansion three days after his inauguration.

Another video celebrates his first 100 days in office with staged testimonials from New Yorkers, including one by a carwash employee applauding the mayor’s signing a paid-sick-leave law.


6 Comments on De Blasio is a superb mayor, says taxpayer-funded YouTube videos

  1. Che DeBería is a corrupt Bolshe? What happened to the neo-communists’ “getting it right this time” pledge?

  2. “In a February video, Katherine La Guardia, granddaughter of legendary New York Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia, says de Blasio has the “same progressive vision” as the New Deal-era pol.”

    hmmm… Where have we seen this sort of thing before?

    “On August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Today the Obama administration continues to protect seniors and ensure Social Security will be there for future generations.”

  3. Di Bumsio is going to destroy New York – he’s going to make the NY liberals of the 60’s and 70’s look conservative.

    There is an interesting cultural phenomenon going on right how: millennials from the west coast are flocking to New York to live. The ironic justice will be that the pain from Di Bumsio’s insanity will be felt worst by the millennial sell-outs flocking to NY. They will e like lemmings flocking to the edge of a cliff. Have a nice fall, kids.

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