De Blasio Removes Post Because of Reflection in His Sunglasses

This dope thinks NYC’s future is bright.

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  1. …well, since he likes referencing old songs…

    “I like big tits
    You see ’em on the street
    Left and right
    I like big tits (that’s right)
    I try to look away but i can’t resist
    Every time I try to call it quits
    Hear come some tits
    (That’s a big 10-4; big tits)
    (Uh huh)
    I like big tits (uh huh)
    Well they come in twos
    Hard to choose
    Your favorite tit (uh huh)
    I like tits for dinner
    Or a noon time snack
    I like tits for lunch;
    A big tit attack
    I like tits for breakfast
    (Eggs bendict tits)
    (What it is)
    They’re where its at
    They give me shivers
    When they bounce around
    Puckered up or hanging on the ground
    I like big tits
    (Uh huh)
    Tits (says it all for me)
    “I.L.B.T”, Joe Walsh

  2. This morning at breakfast, Frank Sinatra said, “Every goddamn city I sang about is now in the shitter…New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and LA.”

  3. Take off the glasses, He should be wearing hand cuffs on his way to the gallows for all the Nursing home deaths.

  4. Grab your partner by the tits
    Throw her around until she Sh*ts
    Throw her up against the wall and cram it in balls and all!

  5. He’s destroyed the audio that was recorded at the time.

    But someone heard him say: Holy Fuck, get a load of tits on that bitch.


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