De Blasio Side-Eyes Giuliani

deblasio giuliani

De Blasio stares down Giuliani during 9/11 memorial ceremony

Mayor de Blasio couldn’t hide his feelings about nemesis Rudy Giuliani, giving him a piercing stare Friday during the 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero.  Story here.


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  1. The left wing fag couldn’t hold his jock strap. EVERYWHERE left wing nut jobs go the destroy.

    I think he wants to sniff it!

  2. His nemesis? I must have missed that. More like Rudy is living rent free in DeBlasio’s head.

    Fucking DeBlasio isn’t 1/100th the mayor that Rudy was and he knows it. A terror attack like 9/11 now in NY would be a horrorshow cubed with that bunch running the city.

  3. Yeah well, I lived in NYC under Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani, and Bloomberg, and YOU Mr. Wilheim, make Dinkins look good.

  4. Libtards never grow up. He’s like the rest, an angry 1st grader. He would have gladly taken that sharia bribe money from that Saudi prince that Giuliani told to go to hell right after 9-11. Damn tablecloth headed bastard said that U.S. policies were to blame for the islamic terror attack.
    De Blasio would have offered the prince a blow job too.

  5. deBlase’s 6’9″ defies his lower members’ size. I mean what does it take to penetrate his wifes’ taint to produce a real life Talcom X? His whole family looks like a 1920s Coney Island freak show.

  6. Like every Lefty, de Blasio is guilty of all Seven Deadly Sins. Here, the mental midget shows us his Envy Face.

    De Blasio is a schmuck.

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