De Blasio to Tour USA, Promote NYC’s ‘Progressive Policies’

Hannity; New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters Wednesday he plans to “go all over the country” and promote “progressive policies,” saying his nationwide tour will likely “start soon.”

“Mayor @BilldeBlasio says he is ‘going to go all over the country’ to talk about the progressive policies of New York City. Says the trips ‘will start soon.’ Dodges question about a run for president,” tweeted the City Hall reporter for the New York Times.

De Blasio made national headlines this week when he unveiled his NYC CARE project; a new healthcare program that “guarantees” health insurance to nearly 600,000 New Yorkers who are currently without coverage.  more here

13 Comments on De Blasio to Tour USA, Promote NYC’s ‘Progressive Policies’

  1. ““Mayor @BilldeBlasio says he is ‘going to go all over the country’ to talk about the SOCIALIST policies”

    There, fixed it. How much you want to bet first stop is Iowa?

  2. So…..will his tour last longer than the Clintons?
    I wonder how much he will charge for the ignorant masses to listen to his regurgitation of how awful America really is and how he is the only one that can save the world?!?

  3. He’s out of his fucking mind if he thinks he’s going to run for prez.
    He has donors and close friends being jailed right as we speak. For ACTUAL crimes. Not ‘collusion’ bullshit.

  4. I’d pay a dollar for a nice, quiet nap amongst the mumbling morons. OK. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t trust leftist freaks that much.

    I was trying to be nice.

  5. This is just an excuse to get out of NYC, and be unavailable for court proceedings. It is also an admission he is a PoS who is unable to govern a big city,

  6. I don’t know….they just inaugurated the faggot governor in Colorado, maybe they have a weekend in Aspen planned….

  7. Well, you can’t blame him for wanting to get the hell out of NY for awhile.
    Just look at all the shit he’s created.

  8. Great, more unattended Clinton copied Town Hall meetings at the taxpayers expense. For a Mayor!
    A mental illness evaluation should be part of the vetting process before the submission of an intent to run for public office.
    How about ‘Make NYC Great Again’ before thinking you are, let alone the US?
    “hurricane of rotten fruit & veggies” –
    Riped out of office – Factual history – Tar and Feathers worked.

  9. Wonder how he’s going to travel? Bus? Plane? Big carbon footprint there.
    If he comes to SLC (or any other conservative city), probably be in the middle of the day, the middle of the week, just so all the working taxpaying citizens won’t be able to harass him.


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