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De Blasio’s Welfare-Reform Reversal

City Journal:

New York’s mayor is undoing a landmark public-policy achievement.

New York City Council member L. Daneek Miller was sure that he was making a brilliant point. The problem with the city’s welfare-to-work program, he thundered last November, was that “it’s a broken system that placed low-skilled workers in low-wage jobs.” Miller supports instead a plan to shift low-skilled workers into higher-paying jobs through the magic of municipal statism for social services. Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and the growing tech sector will foot the bill. It all sounds perfectly reasonable—if it weren’t so wrong.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has tried to be cautious when it comes to policing. He worries that a crime spike will produce an angry citywide reaction that would threaten his political career. But when it comes to welfare reform, the other great advance of the Giuliani/Bloomberg years, de Blasio shows no such caution. He has turned the city’s massive Human Resources Administration over to former Legal Aid Society attorney Steven Banks, a leading “welfare rights” advocate, whose principal contribution over the years has been to tie up the city in litigation.


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12 Comments on De Blasio’s Welfare-Reform Reversal

  1. Low skilled workers into higher jobs….Like President of the United States….What could go wrong(er)

  2. Too bad, New York. Detroit used to be a great city, too.

  3. I wouldn’t say all low skilled workers went to low skilled jobs because in the Obama regime and Wilhelm’s regime are all infested with low skilled workers and I can safely state that those positions are very highly paid.

  4. Let me put on my broken record. Never try to talk Progressives out of inflicting their disastrous policies on themselves.

  5. How long you think before NYC is screaming from a bailout from New York state or the U.S. Government?

  6. Progressives doing what they do best – feather each other’s beds. These “reforms” are designed to reward De Blasio’s supporters, and there will be government agencies to implement this mess, government agencies to calculate the results, and government agencies to hide the facts once this disaster starts to manifest itself. Private industry will pay the vigourish demanded by the city in order to obtain a competitive advantage over others. As usual, disadvantaged people will take it in the shorts.

    Organized crime is alive and well – it has just moved to city hall.

  7. There’s only one solution.

    We all realize it, but don’t want to say it out loud.

    Just like Obola; nobody, not even Ted Cruz, will say “Socialist Traitor” out loud. Not even Mark Levin. Not even Rush Limbaugh.

    Why is that?

    (that I am aware)

  8. hey….my niece got a great job making gay web video “comedy’ series…..what a town!!!!

  9. Tim, Mark Levin calls Oblamya a marxist, socialist, antisemite, consistently. I am pretty sure traitorous has crossed his lips on a few occasions.

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