Dead humpback whale washes up on the Staten Island shore

NYP: “It’s a humpback whale, which happens to be one of the species of whales that we do encounter on waters here, and we seem to be seeing them a little bit more than we have in previous years,” DiGiovanni said. DiGiovanni added that he planned to work with local groups and the Park Service to remove the sea creature.

h/t Joe6Pak.

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  1. @ joe6pak SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 AT 2:02 PM

    Paging the Oregon DOT

    There is a damn good reason the Engineering department at colleges and Universities is usually in a separate building. From the time they were out of three cornered pants any engineer worthy of the title had a fascination with blowing shut up. I know my mother tried everything in her power to keep any potential pyrotechnics out of my hands, but her efforts were futile. My friends I grew up with who are engineers… their parents likewise. The beauty of it for us is that we could access the training areas on Ft Lewis on our Schwinn stingrays and glean the fields for unexplored munitions we could crack open to restock our powder magazines. Those fuckers in the Oregon DOT were like gods to us after the blew that grey whale to hell crushing a Cadillac in the process. Literal gods.

  2. @JDHasty

    The last 3 words of the video: “He Got Promoted” for blowing up the whale on the beach.

    Fauci will also get promoted for helping Blow up peoples lives.

  3. JD, even non engineers liked to blow shit up. That’s a good video, I bet I’ve seen it 25 times and I still like it.

  4. “He got promoted”, the Peter Principle at its finest. And 50 years later we’re still watching it and laughing at it, especially that Oldsmobile being flattened by large chunks of exploding whale blubber.

  5. George Costanza pulled a Titleist golf ball from its blowhole.

    The sea was angry that day my friends. Like an old man trying to return soup at a deli!


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