Dead Kennedys – Government Flu

h/t PHenry.

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  1. They had some great songs, but Jello is a total fraud. “I don’t mind paying more tax for the right things” type while he stole from his band mates. A pig and a hypocrite, now into ” the spoken word” perfomance.

  2. Never a big pink fan… joined some friends years ago at Bessies Boat House to see The Circle Jerks and Elvis From Hell….. once was enough.

  3. Stan Freberg, God rest his soul was perhaps one of the funniest and most politically incorrect comedians of his generation back in the 50’s and 60’s. His comedy is still as fresh now as it was back then and still makes me laugh hysterically. He along with Firesign Theater and Monty Python and even Peter Sellers (I will also include Jack Benny and Groucho Marx and George Carlin) are still some of the best satirists and comedians ever. Modern comedy is not funny, the progtards have no sense of humor that is not scatalogical or vulgar and obscene and dumbed down to the lowest common denominator of obscene filth.

  4. WHFS! The soundtrack of my youth!

    I remember when the hippies and the punks listened to alternative radio and drove around with bumper stickers that said ‘Question Authority.’ Times have changed.


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