Deadly Flood In China Affects Millions

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  1. Covid is the least of my worries and should be the least of anyone’s worries here. What we should be worried about is IF the 3 Gorges Dam breaks in China which it is on the verge of breaking sending billions of gallons of water downstream wiping out millions and millions of people, Wuhan (where the virus started), biolabs and nuclear power plants – 66 of them. Think about this disaster. China is having a 100 (maybe 1000 year) rains. It has already wiped out thousands of homes, displaced thousands of people and what the danger lurking and being predicted is unfathomable. It will be the worse disaster in world history. Satellite picture is showing that the dam is bowing, it’s not situated on bedrock but on concrete blocks. Inferior materials were used in the building of this dam.

    10 days of flooding and still raining and more to come

  2. The Three Gorges Dam project started in 1994.
    At the time it was generally considered a potential nightmare or an engineering triumph. Time will tell.
    An amazing project though.

  3. Plus, as far as Three Gorges Dam goes I read of a rumor that some foreign operative planted the Stuxnet worm in the system.

  4. I hear the place that screwed us with a virus is getting flooded.

    Lemme look in my pocket.

    Nope, I have zero fucks to give about that.

  5. China has a population of 1.4 BILLION people …. think about it, every million dead is less than 1%

    … to them it’s ‘quantitative easing’ & an economic boost

    besides, I thought all those dead would just be a start … to ease Mother Gaia’s burden

  6. I remember watching some history channel special about the 3 gorges. Sounded like they thought dredging would be the worst problem back before it was even finished.

  7. The nuclear power plants would be the final nail in China and will render the Pacific Ocean dead. It will make Fukisima a nonevent.

  8. The water coming up through cement and through manholes like fountains is something I had not seen before. I mean, I’ve seen flooding before, but damn.

  9. Prepare for another supervirus caused by them eating drowned cats. At least that’s how the media will report it.

  10. Think.
    How can this be turned into a profitable investment?
    Buy grain futures and hog bellies.
    What else?

  11. The culprit, of course, will not be bad planning, shoddy construction, the state’s indifference to human life and human rights, and the like. The culprit will be climate change.

  12. I visited the 3 Gorges Dam a year ago. Very impressive project. I suspect the engineers have a solution for any possible collapse.

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