Deadly Insect-Borne Disease Outbreaks Linked to DDT Ban, Not Global Warming

Breitbart: A newly released video explains how outbreaks of deadly insect-borne diseases in the United States are linked more to reductions in the application of the pesticide DDT than to global warming.

The video, published by nonprofit public policy research institute Just Facts, describes the research the institute did this year on the claim by Politico that the surge in deadly insect-borne diseases is due to “warming global temperatures.”

Just Facts reported:

For a special issue of Politico about “planetary health,” reporter Christina Animashaun created a graphic on “climate change and human disease” that states:

Warming global temperatures are changing the range and behavior of disease-carrying insects like mosquitos and ticks and extending the seasons in which they are active. As a result, incidence of the diseases they carry—including Lyme, spotted fever, West Nile and malaria—are all on the rise, despite yearly fluctuations.

However, as the research institute points out, the “U.S. Global Change Resource Program’s Climate Health Assessment” the Politico author cites does not actually support her claim.

“Though there are links between climate and tick distribution, studies that look for links between weather and geographical differences in human infection rates do not show a clear or consistent link between temperature and Lyme disease incidence,” the assessment states.

In fact, the Climate Health Assessment minimizes the ability to predict the effects of climate change alone on deadly insect-borne diseases due to its interaction “with many other factors, including how pathogens adapt and change, the availability of hosts, changing ecosystems and land use, demographics, human behavior, and adaptive capacity.”  more here

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  1. I never saw a deer tick on anyone, dog, cat or other critter in upstate NY till around the 70s. As a boy I worked on many farms and never spotted one. Then all hell broke loose and I’ve seen them on snakes, turtles, dogs, cats, deer, cows and humans galore. Until I dug one out of the back of my leg I had no idea what they even looked like.

  2. Why was DDT banned? 1. It worked. 2. It was saving poor and third world people of color. Rachael Carson was a total fraud.
    Moonbats are nothing new, and they have always hated minorities.

  3. My dad was stationed on Midway Island with the USMC. He worked on VMF-322 Corsairs. He told me that the sand flea problem got so bad they could hardly breath. One day, they were all told to remain inside for the remainder of the day and four B-17’s rigged as spray planes covered the entire island with DDT. The next day, he said everything on the island was dead, except for all the GI’s. He said birds and fish soon showed up and everything went back to normal, except the sand fleas never were a problem again. I live in SE Texas and wish someone would spray DDT to kill every mosquito until they are all gone forever.

  4. Bark beetles, dead pine trees, forest fires.
    DDT prevented this nonsense until we let the bedwetters have their way.

  5. Imagine there’s no Mosquito, it’s easy if you can.
    No sand fleas below us,
    Above us only birds
    Imagine all the people living without disease.

  6. when I was an undergrad America haters love Carson; America lover hated her. The America haters cost millions their lives! As per usual!

  7. Grayjohn understands! Killing off unwanted humanity requires banning methods that actually help people survive. Lying propaganda does work! Rachel Carson, another Communist, Globalist puppet.


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