Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson receive death threats for starring in Strzok/Page theater production

USA Today-

Kristy Swanson says she’s receiving death threats over a Trump-focused production she’s taking part in.

Directed by conservative filmmaker Phelim McAleer, the production, titled “FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers,” is based on text messages recovered by the FBI last year from former Trump-Russia investigators Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Politico reports.

In a series of tweets Wednesday, the actress shared a screenshot of someone’s suggestion to “set the theater on fire.”

“Death Threat,” she tweeted along with the image. “Please Report.”

She added, “It is a death threat on @RealDeanCain and me, an entire theater production, and an entire theater full of people. Needs to be reported.”

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Strzok and Page could only wish they looked like Swanson and Cain.

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  1. Sounds like a “terroristic threat” to me. Lotsa prison time coming (yeah, right).

    I’m still skeptical about that “lovebird” business. Their alleged affair was originally reported by WaPo and we all know how highly reliable that rag is. All other references seems to go back to that one article. It sure is convenient to withhold a boatload of their text messages by claiming they’re personal and not relevant to their biased work.

  2. I’d be pissed at them also. I mean they are way too good looking to portray two homely people!

  3. It would just tickle the shit out of me if the little twatwaffle that makes the threat would be found along the side of the road with a bullet hole in the head. Or even in it’s mom’s basement if that’s the case.

  4. that account that threatened the theater fire is a twitter bot, not shocked they fell for it. jack is an ass for allowing the bots to run rampant all over twitter like these do. social media and bot are the scourge of the interwebs and needs to be exterminated of these pests

    this guy writes some funny ones
    and here it is in action

    whats the diff, sex bots, twitter bots, msm bot, hollywierd bots, gov bots. no F’n diff. all the same

  5. here’s some fun with Wikipedia edits for parliament and one that was used to make congressedits available until the account was suspended by Twitter in 2018. doucheE jack ended the congress one butt lets all the others go wild.
    Jack is a Douche.
    is it just me or does jack look more and more like a douche lately?

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