Dean Martin – Standing On The Corner

I’ve been in a Dean Martin mood for several months. Many of my Sunday Critters have been created listening to that smooth voice! Sigh

Whenever I listen to this song, there is one line where I say to myself, “Not anymore! Not with the left as crazy as they are!”

See if you can pick out the line.

Also, what kind of music do you listen to when you are in a mellow mood?

Mellow Music idea h/t ghost of brig gen j glover

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  1. “Standing on the corner
    Watching all the girls go by.”

    But I don’t actually know what a “Dean Martin mood” is, Claudia.

  2. Loves me some Dino.

    The line is obviously “you can’t go to jail for what you’re thinking.” Although radiomattm is shocked, shocked I say, that Dino is assuming the gender of the personkinds wondering by.

  3. Claudia, I start my weekend looking forward to your Sunday morning critter post. Makes my day. With all the crappy things going on in our world, this is a precious moment for me.

    The critters. I work outside in my day job so I see and try to pay attention to their goings on. I like a world where they exist. And some few I’ve been lucky enough to live with here at home.

    Remind me to send you the pics of the wild turkey hens that took a nap next to my boots one day at work.

    Thank you for what you do.

  4. Dean Martin is selected for my mellowness times, Beseme Mucho is especially good except for when I sing along
    Some Kraftwerk or Eno’s Apollo
    Then there’s always the cries of my enemies and the lamentation of their women

  5. Lowell, I look forward to seeing the pics of the wild turkey hens taking a nap next to your boots! Thanks for the kind words.

    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, Frank was right!

  6. I guess my entry for the guy equivalent to the chick thing would be almost any of the songs from the three album set that Linda Ronstadt did with Nelson Riddle. I especially like “After Midnight “ for example.

    April Stevens or Julie London too…or Eileen Rodgers “The Treasure Of Your Love”

  7. I have a pretty big pile of Martin LPs. I enjoy his work very much, including his “Roasts”, films, and variety shows.

  8. Dean’s shows, the guests, the Roasts and movies always were always entertainment!
    Always made me laugh and smile,,
    He knew and was always about entertainment.
    Will not able to forget the unforgettable voice,,,

    OT, Andy Williams was always able hold his own too in that time,,,

  9. Best clip ever of Bob Hope, Dean Martin, and George Gobel with Johnny Carson.
    Watch Dean and his cigarette ashes after George Gobel appears.
    Also, George Goebel relates to his war experience as a pilot in Oklahoma …Japanese never got past Tulsa.

  10. No Blushes!

    Dean and Rickles! I love those guys. And all the rest. Carson, Chamberlain, Nipsey, every one of them. You want to laugh until you are exhausted? Watch a Dean Martin Roast.

  11. Not to take away from ANY great singer….I get mellow when I avoid listening to the ‘news’.

    My opinion of a super voice…..Andy Williams, Patsy Cline, Pat Boone… particular order.

  12. Powder your face with sunshine (Smile, smile, smile) is a great pick me up. I’ve got the Capitol Collectors Series album of his greatest stuff. I can’t think of any one that I would call my favorite but only because it’s all so darn good.

    Imagine a world where Memories Are Made of This was the Billboard number one for five weeks. That was back in good old 1956.

    When I’m in a mellow mood (since I’ve become a Jazz guy in my old age), I very much enjoy just about anything by Paul Desmond. He made the alto sax sing. Good stuff, Maynard.

  13. ‘Maynard Ferguson’ would make all of them to shame back than!
    You lucky magnificent bastard, sincerely,,,
    Sorry for the head hurt, glad you witnessed, klnows now it was worth it!

  14. ‘Maynard Ferguson’ put all of them to shame back than!
    You lucky magnificent bastard, sincerely,,,
    Sorry for the head hurt, glad you witnessed, that you still remember now it was worth it!

  15. @Anonymous Erik,
    Something you may appreciate,
    On YouTube is Lucky Chops.
    Best Sax player I ever seen,
    Maybe weird, yet, awesome,
    Invited to Proms and smoked the British,,

  16. I loved Dean and was very upset when his Air Force Son died decades ago. He was not only a good singer, but a great comic – which angered Jerry! Dean an Jerry both loved America contrasted to commie Fondaand his kids who hate America.

    but this song – to me – is The 4 Lads. Hey moniker is true, Im old

  17. When men were men and women were ladies and appreciated!
    When music was music and not synthesized.
    When comedy was comedy and not filth.
    Times have changed and if I’m in a “Dean Martin mood” what I really want to hear are the classic bands, tunes and pure music played back on vinyl and a good turntable!
    Digital is pretty darn good, but the old original Analog can be great!

    Anonymous Erik – funny you should mention that, lately I’ve been watching Dean Martin roasts! Classic entertainment… especially Foster Brooks!

    Claudia gets a nuther vote from me for Critters. It’s the new Sunday Funnies! Never miss it! Thanks!

  18. Dean Martin – Mr. Smooth.

    “In The Misty Moonlight” is as smooth as 50 year old whisky. Great song with beautiful backup vocals.


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