Dear Mainstream Media and Hollywood,

Just a quick note to inform you of something you appear to be incapable of comprehending. We normal Americans hate your guts! We loathe you. We despise you. And we know who and what you are. And we are NEVER coming back. Nor are you!

“Journalists.” I have to laugh my ass off when you Mainstream Propagandists refer to yourself as journalists. Do you really not see the joke you in the Mainstream Media are to us who pay the bills for America?

Clinton crime syndicate George Stephanopolous moderating a Sunday Morning political talk show? Oh, sure! He’s fair and doesn’t take sides like a true journalist would do! And you don’t see the joke you are? You “journalists?” Really? I guess Saul Alinsky wasn’t available. But you’re all George Stephanopolous! Or worse! And we in those dreadful flyover states filled with deplorables hold you in the same esteem as Herpes. But at least herpes goes away for a while.

Hollywood? What a joke! Yes, I love to hear geo-political discussion from an actor who, if he went to college, majored in drama. Most of the time Hollywood actors never made it to college but know everything about anything when they really know nothing about anything except being loudmouthed, annoying douchebags. In that, they excel.

What good has come from Hollywood recently? Batman 12? Another Super Hero movie? Antman? Face it, Hollywood. You just suck. There is no creativity left. Just a bunch of hack actors playing the same old parts in the same old formula movies. Actors who couldn’t intellectually piss and hit the ground.  MORE


  1. MSNBC Mourning Joe-Annes already at 11 over their designation as Enemies of the American People.
    Poster Time.

    Joe Scarborough
    John Heilemann – Bloomberg
    Mike Barnicle
    Elise Jordan
    Ayman Mohyeldin
    Richard Lui
    Rachel Maddow
    Ari Melber
    Craig Melvin
    Lawrence O’Donnell
    Joy Reid
    Ali Velshi
    Christopher Hayes
    Rashida Jones
    Rachel Maddow
    Chris Matthews
    Andrea Mitchell
    Katy Tur
    Jonathan Alter
    Brian Williams
    Jay “Donny” Deutsch

    Whew… and this is just ONE unit.
    Lots of Ink Stains.

  2. Just saw on Drudge where Matt Damon’s new move “The Wall” has tanked. Good. I saw the previews for the movie and thought it looked interesting. But I will NEVER gave Damon a dime of my money and I believe a lot of other people feel the same way too.

  3. Best decisions we ever made were to turn off the TV and boycott movies. If I had to match names with faces on Revere’s list above, you’d see a wash out in the first round.

  4. @Davy – I think the film was financed by China. The Chinese are welcome to keep Matt Damon. When I saw the pic of Damon dressed for his movie roll – I just rolled my eyes. It’s hard to suspend disbelief and see him as anyting other than the clueless twat traitor little worm he is.

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