Dear Mainstream Media – You Do Suck

This rant is lean, no fat, no filler, and it’s a devastating closing argument in the case of The People v. The Mainstream Media.

Case Closed – you suck.

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  1. The press has never been about ‘journalism’, the presentation of facts without bias. For the MSM to claim they ever were that way, is the first lie they propagate.

  2. We need to find another term. We have to, we must, we shall no longer call them “Mainstream”.
    Somebody somewhere has to come up a term ( I know Rush uses Drive By but not everyone knows what that means) that accurately, succinctly and derogatorily describes them.
    They are not Mainstream.
    They are National Socialist spreading lies and propaganda.
    They are Nazis. That’s a term everyone understands.

  3. Nice vent. Trump should have cued that up at the Al Smith suckfest and gone back to his seat. Although the “satellite feed” probably would have taken a dump.

  4. I used to think that Infowars and their “New World Order” crap was craziness.
    Not anymore.
    But they’ve got to stop their “9/11 was an inside job”
    We know the Saudis funded it. Move on from that and they would gain more credibility. Certainly more credibility than Glenn “I’m off my meds” Beck

  5. Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.
    George Orwell, 1984

    Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics … It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.
    Vaclav Havel

  6. Good rant. Now we need to have the Koch brothers to step up and buy prime time airtime for a cleaned (language wise) version of it. Or maybe they stop supporting PBS and the GOP and instead prove they’re actual conservatives and work together with a few other billionaires to buy control of one of the big four media powers (Disney – ABC, Comcast – NBC, National Amusements – CBS, Time-Warner – CNN) or even Fox Entertainment Group (Foxnews as they are going left more each day). They all make a pile of money and you could rebuild the news group by taking the standards back 50 years when honesty and impartiality were bywords in the profession. Hire actual journalists and news directors who aren’t conditioned by universities to shape the news stories to give positive spin to the progressives. Get rid of the ones that either do it for personal gain or do it and don’t know they’ve been brainwashed and think what they do is actual journalism. C’mon, Koch’s stand up for your country before you lose it.

  7. @ Golphin

    “We need to find another term. We have to, we must, we shall no longer call them Mainstream”.

    How about Corporate Media Whores? Close but… No. I’ll work on it 😉

    Sounds like a contest is in order! Bonus points for a nice acronym?

  8. Lemme toss this out there: gobbler media

    – They gobble the crap fed them by pols
    – They gobble the d!cks of spokesmen to maintain access
    – They gobble like turkeys when challenged

    But mostly, “gobble” is a corruption of “Goebbels”

  9. How come no one in the LSM (I’ll go with it, “Lame Stream Media”)took an in depth look at what Chrissy Coumo said on CNN?

    Listen you peons it’s illegal for you to read the Wiki leaks. It’s OK for us in the Media to read them and then filter the information to you.
    What the Fuck? If, let’s say O’Reilly said that, imagine the outrage? We are in deep shit if Trump loses.

  10. @Golphin October 21, 2016 at 11:16 am

    Might I suggest “Popular Propaganda.” Which is easily distinguished from “Unpopular Propaganda,” which is a description “Popular Propaganda” would gladly apply to their counterparts. Maybe you should seed that one first.

  11. @beachmom and others;
    We need something that defines them and their coverage this election that will stay with them all their careers and lives.
    Very much like Watergate is Nixon and Monica Lewinsky is Clinton.

    We HAVE got to STOP saying “mainstream”. That term lends legitimacy.
    WE are mainstream as Rush said yesterday. We are the majority. They make their side think they are huge in numbers. It’s their megaphone not their numbers.

    Megaphone Media? Small in numbers but loud and obnoxious.

  12. as applicable

    Göbbels Media
    Newspeak Media
    Leftist in-the-tank-for-Hillary Media

    each one followed by

  13. call ’em Mops …. every time the demonRats need a clean-up, here they come

    MOP = Ministry of Propoganda

  14. People don’t believe the polls being presented by MSM so they are doing their own on Facebook. My cousin in Conneticut polled 150 people and came back with a 91 % for Trump and then broke it down for female voters. 86% chose Trump. The one i am interested in seeing will have results posted tonite at 7 PM. All women. I’ve surfed through the responses and its page after page of women for Trump and you know if they’re married, good chance their husband will vote the same. These arr women from all over the country snd so far almost 750,000 women have spoken. Incredible. If you’re interested, the guy’s name is David Hill, on facebook. Check it out because this is a poll you can lable as credible.

  15. Other names for the lapdog butt sniffers?

    American Pravda
    The Fourth Estate of Corruption
    One of Howie Carr’s favorites: Rump Swabs
    Sycophants of the Sick
    Fraud Committee
    Obedient Scribes
    Clinton Criers

    This would actually be a good contest for IOTW!

  16. Quisling-Definition
    Person who betrays their country by aiding an invading enemy often serving in a puppet Gov.
    I like the word but can’t think of any thing catchy

    annie Go Trump

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