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Dear Virtue Signalling Celebrities…


Isn’t it funny how celebrities who lecture us about how racist we are all live in the whitest areas possible?

*Some Piquant Language.

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  1. This guy improves with every installment. I barely know of the people of whom he speaks of but America has their own hypocrite superstars finger wagging and lecturing us. You know the type.

  2. The celebrities I know are white, I don’t know any black celebrities.
    They are the biggest hypocrites G-d ever made. They drive huge cars by themselves.
    Live in huge mansions by themselves
    Spend hundreds of dollars for one meal at a fine restaurant.
    Have so many clothes and shoes they rarely ever wear the same outfit in a calendar year.
    Very smug and self righteous

  3. Paul has so much talent. He’s prolific and witty. I know Alex loves him, but hell, he’s underachieving and needs to grow. On the other hand, maybe he should stay right where he’s at–soon a millions subscriptions! He’s young yet. Other things will come along. Go Paul!

  4. CROWD FUNDING FOR ABORTION CLINICS ON EACH HOMEPAGE, –Hollywood can dump their money there, remove tax-payer funded abortion.

    PROBLEM SOLVED! Wealthy Hollywood gets their issue funded, taxpayers are spared. Done, and Done. But wait! Since when do rich socialists actually practice socialism?

  5. These sanctimonious, delusional twits that live in their own little cocoons just love to show the world how deeply they care…ya sure.

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