“Dear White People”

Hey guys, could we try loving each other regardless of race, religion and political views? Is it really that difficult to put aside our differences to keep the world from ending? I don’t think it is. I think we are complicating something that is very simple and the only thing that is going to get us out of this is LOVE.

She has a great video about masks,

Chrissy Teigen, conspiracy theories, and censorship.

*Some salty language.

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  1. My mom lost an eyeball to a tumor found by her eye doctor.
    My mom didn’t drive, but relied on her friends to go to social events.
    Her friend once told her “I’ll keep an eye out for you” — Such a regular phrase said all the time with a common meaning. this friend was so embarrassed after she said it until my mom told her to stop being foolish.

    I so agree with this woman’s sentiment about being able to accept and laugh at our differences, as long as the laughter is not meant to be cruel.

  2. She made sense there until the love part – ’cause that ain’t happening! Socialists / Marxists love their ideology (and power) more than they love this Country and fellow Americans.

    Wow, maybe one day eventually we’ll get back to the un-PC 70’s. We certainly have slipped off on a detour somewhere.

  3. I am glad I stayed with this video. For the first 15 seconds, I thought she was going to just spew leftist anti-white tripe. Then, she started in on those types and mocking the idiocy.

    If I was 40 years younger, I would be in love

  4. Don’t know about love, I will accept respect, as a watermark.
    I go out of my to earn a modicum of respect from people, respect given is respect given but ya gotta earn it, it’s easy, don’t be a jerk.
    Demanding respect, while giving none in return, not the way you do it.
    Me: I don’t know anymore, you have to be an idiot to vote Democrat today.
    Black Friend: Why are you calling me an idiot?
    Me: Just because you’re black, I’m supposed to know you’re a Democrat? That’s pretty racist, Pete.
    Black Friend: I can respect that.
    This is a members only, mostly country white folk bar, Pete has earned our respect by behaving like a man.

  5. Sadly, the problem with accepting and appreciating “black” people for their “black” attributes is that “black” people hate themselves for being “black.”
    It consumes them.
    Pale, light-eyed people are the minority.
    Swarthy slant-eyed people are an absolute majority.
    Swarthy round-eyed wooly-headed people are next.

    So – what the fuck? Can’t give it a rest?
    If you’re not happy with your situation pull up your pants and leave!
    Or kill everyone and set up your own more-better system.
    But if you’re unable to tell the truth, or even to relate the facts, not just to others, but to yourself, you’re doomed to failure – your system will perish.

    She’s done a good job making her point about stupid, vapid, disingenuous “white” people.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Obey the eleven commandments and it will be easy to separate the wheat from the chaff which shall be burned. This beautiful young lady is on the right path

  7. I saw her mask video the other day and it is great!
    The media and the left need people divided.
    When I was in high school my Current Events teacher told us in order for communism to thrive they need people to be divided and to be relatively uneducated or educated only to whatever job they are doing.
    Boy, was she right.
    The only thing you hear out of the left and their propaganda arm are the reasons we should be divided and should hate each other.
    And we do need to love each other. With the love of God. Not emotional love.

  8. There wasn’t systemic racism, until the Democrats invented it. There will always be small groups that will always be racist, anti muslim, anti white, anti atheist, anti corn cob in the butt, anti ________ (everything).

    Joe Biden Says ‘You Ain’t Black’ If You Vote For Trump …
    Morgan Freeman solution, “Just stop talking about it.”

    I would think many employers would be reluctant to even hire a black person, knowing sooner or later they will play the race card.
    It is simply a hot button issue that divides people. I have yet to meet a Democrat, MSM junky, capable of having a conversation. All they know is, TDS, orange man bad.
    Democrat = Global socialism, and they will tell any & every lie, to forward their agenda. Which is, we all need to be slaves, to them.
    To early for a rant. And, Yes, I am anti corn cob.

  9. Every time someone is labeled by gender or race it is an intentional act to say ‘we are superior to you’. Even ‘white guilt’ is a control thing that says ‘I feel so bad that I am superior to you – but you must listen to what I say because I am superior to you.’ That is why it bothers me so much when someone is recognized as ‘first black person’ or ‘first woman’ to do something. Recognize them for their success! And leave qualifiers the hell out of it.

  10. While she kept her solution noticeably secular, it was theologically based.

    Matthew 22:36-40

    36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
    37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
    38 This is the first and great commandment.
    39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
    40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

    Like it or not the answer has been there all along. It’s just a matter of if you choose to seek it and follow it.

  11. Five minutes and forty-four seconds I watched, and that damn sweater never slipped any further than the top of her arm.

  12. if the left didn’t bring it up every second who would really care?

    black, asian, hispanic ???

    who cares ????

    just don’t tell me who i can associate with

  13. There isn’t any getting along with the left. They will not cooperate unless they get their way.

    Examples: the hydroxychloroquine drug and masks and social distancing.

    Since there is NO MORE science behind masks and social distancing than there is for hydroxychloroquine, how about we let everyone wear a mask that wants to, social distance that wants to, and take hydroxychloroquine that wants to.

    but no. Since the left wants the masks and the social distancing and does not want the hydroxy, then we MUST mask and social distance and we MUST NOT hydroxy. And the republican party stands right there and lets them.

    The left runs the country and there is not anything legal we can do about it. Nothing. If we win an election, that changes nothing at all.

    The republican party is not going to save anyone from jack shit.

  14. Don’t tell me what to think or feel. I have my own ideas about race, and your ideology isn’t one of them. All have the same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s the happiness part that I want to enjoy – without you.

  15. @OTD

    Like you, I don’t need love. I need people to respect my freedom and independence, and for the most part just leave me alone.

    Love is a vastly overused word, and its overuse probably started in the 1960’s baby boomer generation. It should be used within families and between family members, but include pets, which are also family members. And in reference to God and Jesus. Maybe your neighbors. That’s it.

    Even the intense love between young lovers is a chimera. It fades to companionship after a few years.

    Love is God’s trick to get us to reproduce. It should not be used to describe casual acquaintances.

  16. Black guys want white women.
    If you believe the commercials, ALL of em.

    If they can’t land a white girl, black guys would rather mate with white and mexican faggots then crawl up on a “Tank” Abrams or “Mad” Max Waters.

    Heck, even that mulatto Obola would rather suck off old white guys and have Reggie pork him in the ass then spend the night with the Moose.

    How dafuq are white people responsible for that?

    izlamo delenda est …

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