Dear White Progressives

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  1. She reminds me of… me.

    I had someone ask me once if I didn’t care what anyone else thought of me. I responded to them that the only opinion that matters to me is what I think of me.

    The shitstorm that erupted behind that remark was the stuff of legend. The idiots tried to go on the offense and it left openings you could drive a truck through pointing out that they were willing to subordinate their opinion to political correctness and that made their sincerity open to question.

  2. So many priceless quotes. I could write a novel just using her statements.
    “White guilt is a mental disease”
    “abortion is extermination for extermination sake”
    “when I betray my race ideologically my life may be at stake”
    “I’m not a traitor to my race, I’m a deserter to the illusion that black people aren’t racist”

    I hope she runs for office, I will vote for her if she is in my precinct, or contribute to her campaign

  3. Are you guys saying that because she’s black or because she’s very pretty? Because I couldn’t figure out where she was going with many of her remarks and had to stop listening when she started talking about caucasians mating with animals and smelling like animals when they get wet.

  4. AA, I didn’t think she’s that pretty, at least she’s not my type. What’s with her hair? And she looks mad. I prefer someone that looks happy. But I stand by what I said, white libs should fear her.

  5. AA, I agree that her comments, while I understand what she is saying, are nevertheless kind of all over the place. The animal comment was her talking about that many blacks say/believe white (people’s) hair, supposedly superior in its sleekness and attractiveness factor, smells like dog when it’s wet (or smells like wet dog). I’ve actually heard that before, but never the bit (that many blacks also say) about Caucasians having mated with animals.

    I did recently (about two years ago) hear that whites are supposedly descended from aliens, which apparently has been around for awhile. Who knew?

  6. I agree that her thoughts are scattered, but each, on its own, is meaningful. I would guess that even though her statements are on the right side of things, that she has been through public schooling.
    I commend her for overcoming the standard indoctrination and will give her a pass on the short-term on the coherence. Maybe I am just a sucker for conservative views.

  7. @ RogerF AUGUST 3, 2020 AT 12:59 AM

    That was my thoughts when I sent this vid to others for their consideration earlier today.

    It takes time to develop one’s thoughts and corresponding apologetic. She is young. One thing for sure and for certain though, she is not letting anyone lead her around by the nose. Opinion anyone will ever get from her will be what SHE truly has considered and believes.

  8. BTW, @AA,
    Neither. I am saying it because she is expressing the thoughts I have held and she is willing to say them in an environment that is toxic to those thoughts. The fact that she is black and pretty just enhance that. Since I do not fit in either of those categories, I am willing to promote anyone who agrees with me.
    Does that sound like I want an echo chamber? Probably, but since it is not often that we can find this kind of rhetoric in the “utes of America” I am willing to make an exception.
    Call me out on it and I will concede that I am not perfect.

  9. “What’s with her hair?“

    Black hair frequently lacks elasticity is brittle and breaks off easily. She has extensions. My guess is it is either that or a lot of effort and little return on that investment has influenced that choice. I have black friends whose wives have fought that fight all their adult life.

  10. 1. The democrats voted for a KKK member, Senator Robert Byrd for over 1/2 a Century, they could care a less about the KKK.

    2. Black Conservatives are “Uncle Toms” so are white liberals.

    Make sure they understand both of those points.

  11. She may have jumped the plantation fence and makes some good points, but those good points were mixed with some flaky beliefs too.
    Oh well, at least her thinking is evolving.

  12. This young woman is very pretty, come on, and as far as the hair, none of you experimented with your looks when you were young?

    Given the herd mentality of the youngsters out there, the groupthink, the utter lack of critical thinking skills, when one breaks free, removes her shackles, fights the tide, and decides to do her own thinking and decision making, it is to be celebrated and applauded.

    This young woman will be successful in life (job, family, social strata) because she understands that she has standing in her own life and is the only arbiter to her ultimate happiness.

  13. Re: Jumping from idea to idea. She is assuming the listener can fill in the blanks. (Watch it again)
    Re: White people are descendants of animals. I believe she is stating what some black people say behind white peoples back. I believe it is a euphemism. I assume this is from her own experience.

  14. White males are the most racially oppressed people in America.
    It’s been going on for 40 years and it is ramping up.

  15. Never heard some of the proposed insults backs allegedly say behind my back.

    Frankly, I don’t care what they say behind my back.

    Face-to-face, I never hear that stuff and I never have any problems doing my job if they are clients or tenants I’m serving.

    I HAVE walked in on a bash-crackers talk while I was in a back room working. Her Mother arrived without knowing I was there and it was cracker this and cracker that until I walked into view.

    I just smiled at her. The offender actually lived 4 houses down from me on my block. She knew me and I had helped her with several problems she’s had over the years.

    Silence in mid-sentence.

    Hi Bertha. How you doin’? With a smile and a small wave of the hand.

    Bertha: Good. Are your boys doing ok?

    Everyone matters. Treat them well, even if they have hate deep in their heart. You’ll never change a heart with hate. You WILL find people like yourself. You just need to make sure your not a hateful person if you want people you can trust around you.

    P.S. She’s beautiful. I can see she may be rejected by other blacks because of her white features and stylings, though. (“What’s with her hair?” Kinky roots and straightened locks – part of the styling I was referring to – going for flat hair look, not natural.)


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