Death Valley’s Super Bloom – IOTW Report

Death Valley’s Super Bloom

death valley super bloom march 16

Death Valley National Park is usually pretty barren, but perfect weather conditions could bring a super bloom of desert wildflowers not seen in 10 years. More @ Accuweather

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  1. If you have experienced this it is absolutely incredible. I was shooting prairie dogs in eastern Montana on the high desert and went to bed one evening when we woke up in the morning after a rain the entire world from horizon to horizon was blooms.

  2. This is terrible.
    Global Hot/Cold/Wet/Dry will be the end of us.
    Damn you Fossil Fuels!
    Where will the lizards live?
    I went swimming in the Verde River yesterday. I could tell it was noticeably warmer than other years.
    Oh Gawd Flowers.
    What new horror will Global Hot/Cold/Wet/Dry bring to Death Valley?

  3. This after Jerry Brown spent two years trying to sell fake-drought panic.

    I wonder if California will lower their water rates, now that the fake drought is over?


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