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  1. And there would still be 50 million Democrat idiots that vote for her.
    …as well as the basket of deportables.
    …plus a whole lot of dead people.

  2. “First let me say ‘I’m not sick’ ”
    (Doctor comes out with shock paddles)
    “As I was saying ‘I feel great’

  3. If she debates it’ll be via Skype.

    No walk across a stage, roundtable or kitchen table conversations. She’ll get ‘overheated’ under studio lights and camera flashes will cause a seizure. She’ll give pre recorded answers to questions while the MSM tries to trip up Trump live and in person.

  4. Know what’s getting tiresome already, even after a few hours? All these smart pundits who had no clue about sick hag last week, now worrying that she will drop out, and she was the only person Trump could possibly beat. Even though these same smart pundits said a month ago that no way Trump beats Hillary. Enough of that.

    Stay or go, Hillary. I giveth not a f—. Trump will destroy your replacement even more thoroughly.

  5. Why was Clinton’s medical diagnosis withheld from the public until it could be “dramatized” today? September 11th, no less.

    Yes, dramatized. This is PSYOP.

    America’s Freedoms were just attacked AGAIN today… 9/11.

  6. So, is it true that Chelsea’s NY apartment has a room for Hillary that is a multimillion dollar hospital room? This woman is in no condition to be a contender.

  7. “fascinating close-up video showing a small metal object falling out of Mrs. Clinton’s pants leg as she staggers getting into the van.”

    is that the detonator for her “snuke”?

  8. Of course, the secondary ramification of all of this is that
    the media has been covering up her illnesses for over 10 years.

    It was nice, while it lasted.

  9. I like how the Dems are allagedly discussing a plan to talk about the possibility of having a meeting to potentially talk about the theorized replacement of their candidate. They sound like GOPers talking about repealing Obamacare. Nobody wants to go through the mess of disentangling from an obviously dying failure.

  10. TO ThirdTwin

    …with the only difference being that
    the GOP can blame “the other guy” (Dems)
    for OCare’s failure…

    …while, the other situation
    is Mutually Assured Destruction:
    The DNC OWNS Hillary
    Hillary OWNS the DNC.

    The DNC will *have* to “eject” Hillary
    if her condition continues to be as “obvious” as it is,
    whether she agrees to it or not
    (in the case of “not”…wait for

  11. Me thinks Illary has to steal the lime light , even on Sept 11th What Drama!
    Does anybody know what the “removed ” video is about at the top of the Drudge?


  12. @Annie – I think it was video of hilley passing out and being dragged into the van. Her foot was dragging and she lost a shoe.

  13. Czar, she’ll be there until the bitter end. She’s the bearer of Huma into the Inner Sanctum. If Hillary drops out, Huma has no entree. The Uniparty is not going to give up on its true goal without a fight.

    BTW, where was Huma yesterday?

  14. Yesterday was some big Moslem holiday or something.
    Huma was likely facing Mecca and rubbing Sylvia’s avatar. 🙂

  15. i believe lisa r. bardack, md, was one of the two white women, with hillary yesterday. the dr. that is pushing the pneumonia theory.

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