Debbie buys American

From “The things I see on Facebook” series…

h/t Todd.

15 Comments on Debbie buys American

  1. The picture on the lead-in looks, unfortunately, exactly like someone I know very well. Her family could mistake that pic for her. The one on this page, not as much, but would pass for a relative. More than her own sisters.

    At least it was her worst picture ever that matches Debbie’s normal one. I tried to find an online pic of her to show it, but it isn’t where it used to be.

    A little bit of strange s__t for me when Debbie is the topic. Completely opposite of Debbie, though.

  2. I bet her groomer hates having to flea dip that nasty ass. Bet’cha he gave her coat that ridiculous style just for revenge. Westminster won’t touch that hot mess.

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