DebbieGate Update

Imran Awan Had Access to Every member of Congress — SOLD SECRETS to Foreign Agents!

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  1. Thank you for not adding the BOOM from the headline. I’ve been suffering from BOOM overload.

    I think this scandal is going to take down quite a few people. And there may very well be a domino effect after that.

    There was a time when we executed traitors. Too bad we don’t anymore.

  2. Imran Awan was replaced as the Democrat IT Manger by a North Korean by the last name of Kim. Democrats assure us that he went through vetting like all foreign refugees.

  3. I want her charged with aiding and abetting a foreign enemy agent and then sat down in an interrogation room and given a chance to avoid a long jail sentence by spilling everything about the Clintons and Obama’s Mafia operation.

  4. When I was a kid, I swear I knew cranky old people who often said “Problem with this country is, we don’t kill enough people anymore.” It baffled me to hear this.

    Now I am older and crankier, and now I understand them.

  5. The shame of America that ALL Congress critters can be held hostage by a foreign government.
    They’d rather watch the U.S.A. sink into oblivion than risk their discretions being known.

  6. Debbie does Awan
    Sequel: Debbie Does Congress
    Third: Debbie Does America
    Final: America Does Debbie

  7. Thorough interrogation to root out other conspirators.
    Get Cankles while you’re at it.
    Show trials, followed by well-publicized executions.


  8. Get the barfbag ready; it’s conjectured Wasserbeest was getting more than just help with her IT by the musloid.

    Think about it, but not too long.

  9. I’ll bet everything that I have, and everything I ever will have that NOTHING ever really comes from this.

    As usual, the democrats get away with the most heinous crimes, and everyone looks at each other not knowing what to do next.

  10. It is time for mass arrests.

    100, maybe 300 will initially decapitate the current machine.
    Another 500 or so will follow.

    None of these are safe to allow to remain alive, even serving Life in a Fed max pen.
    So we are talking speedy trials followed by immediate executions.

    This assumes NoKo, Iran and China allow us the time.
    If a nuke detonates on US soil there will be no time for trials. The DoJ/SS arrest list will have to default to a ROE list.
    Because opportunistic follow up attacks will come fast, we will be at war, and these people WILL attempt an assassination/coup.

  11. Follow the money. Awan Afukya was getting paid for selling secrets as was every Damn Dem using him! Hillary had him set up a private server without security this exact reason and the way the Clintons launder money who know how much of those lofty “speaking fees” were given a payment for intelligence information with the tacit approval of Valerie Jarrett and her Cabana Boi Barry! Outright treason which is why Debbie is sweating bullets – like she isn’t oily enough!

  12. I believe this scandal will reveal some of the worst political crimes of our lifetime, quite possibly THE worst. This is an epic scandal. How much of our sensitive secrets have been compromised because of these rats, only time will tell.
    This sh!t is deep!

  13. WH CoS is traditionally a political fixer.

    That POTUS just chose a Marine General as CoS suggests he remembers SEVEN DAYS IN MAY.
    I think Trump knows exactly who and what he is dealing with.

  14. This is espionage, and the collusion goes to Huma and a dozen other greedy RATS. Get ’em Danno, let each one choose a bullet or a rope.

  15. You want to know why she was freaking out about the police having her computer? Karma is incredible – – just wait until those naked movies of her and Awan are posted all over the internet.

  16. Too good to be true. I’ve fallen for can’t misses before.
    If this investigation actually results in jail time for anyone I’ll be shocked beyond belief. If this scandal even makes the NBC Nighty News in an honest way I’ll be dumbfounded.

    I hope this reaches fruition. The gelatinous Clintons should have a rap sheet a mile long, but all they’ve gotten is richer.

  17. I predict no jail time for anyone involved other than low level players, maybe. Any forced from office or staff will be re-hired in a more corrupt lobby firm or campaign office.

  18. PHenrey, folks can read about it now or read about it later because there are enough minds catching fire about this that it will persist.
    The MSM will ultimately have to report on this corruption, they will be forced to.
    This story is simply too big to ignore, try as they may.

  19. These are the real consequences of Islamophilia.

    Americans willing to sell out their country just so they can make nice with some Muslims.

  20. It only takes a few weeks for my little backyard pond to become come completely choked out with algae scum without proper oversight.
    These pricks have been in the DNC pond for more than a decade with no oversight whatsoever.
    Just dip a stick into any part of it and you will pull out a wad.

  21. @Rufus T. Firefly July 31, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    100, maybe 300 will initially decapitate the current machine.

    Aw, Mr. Firefly, you must be one a those city slickers. That taint the way ye hunt herd animals. Taint the way at all.

  22. How can the MSM media get away with not reporting this?
    You would think they would risk a class action lawsuit.
    It’s obvious to anyone that The MSM runs the country by only reporting
    what they want.
    Democratic operatives with bylines

  23. Another day wherein more evidence of outrageous traitorous activity by the left is revealed. Soon there will be statements promising to get to the bottom of it all, and there will surely be prosecutions and prison time for the guilty too.

    Yet my expectation, after previous similar revelations, is that nothing will happen to the culprits. Not to key players. Not to minor players.

  24. @Billy Fuster July 31, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    > just wait until those naked movies of her and Awan are posted all over the internet

    you just turned the terror of nuclear annihilation into the electromagnetic pulse of salvation

  25. President Trump values a spirit of Daring.

    I’m praying for his safety and success in leading our nation.

  26. Looks like the Clintons are going to be busy. Mohammeds Knife Sharpening Service van seen leaving clinton compound

  27. Making nice with the enemy the favorite pastime of the previous administration.

    Just finished listening to Kris Paronto, makes me so Fing pissed off what they did to the best of us in Benghazi. I’d like to be able to turn him loose with one of these bastards like dws or Killary for about 10 hours on a very small island.

    Screw them all, jail is to good. There is justice in this world, it may come in the afterlife but that is all that gives me hope in this case because they will walk.

  28. AND, i think that those of you poo pooing any prosecution, consider that this is a criminal case, not some congressional “investigation” with Gowdy and Co. kissing up with liberals. This is real crime (bank fraud) and there are thousands of patriotic attourneys out there that prosecute and convict him and curley et al.

  29. Judge – “He has access to classified information”.
    (British accent) “Oh, goodness me”. (British understatement)

  30. If enough people keep putting the pressure on them then they will be prosecuted.
    More and more each day, I think the only answer to this massive corruption that seems beyond our reach is to pray.
    Pray for goodness to circumvent evil.
    Pray for the truth to be revealed.
    Pray for justice to be served.
    We really need to seek answers beyond our ordinary existence at this point.

  31. This crime is being investigated by Wasserman’s own BROTHER. The fix is in, the “investigation” is going NOWHERE. Wasserman will get off Scott free.

  32. Pray, and pray BIGLY, that there is at least one decent person at each MSM Corp. that will recognize this as ‘biggest news of the month’ and keep going at it!!!

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