Deborah Nucatola Thrown Under the Bus in Response to Baby Harvesting Allegations


Watch: “In the video, one of our staff members speaks in a way that does not reflect” the alleged compassion of Planned Parenthood.

Well, there’s going to be lots more videos of Planned Parenthood staff around the country talking about baby body-part harvesting, so we’ll see about speaking “in a way that does not reflect” the values of Planned Parenthood. My guess is that we’ll see lots more PP staffers talking about fetal harvesting no differently than if they were taking their car in for its 100,000 mile service.

All in a day’s work for the left’s Holocaust provider.

 The video  HERE

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  1. I guess Cecile was upset that the good doctor didn’t call the dead baby your “little bundle of unwanted tissue” as is PP’s way.

  2. If you “donate” organs and body parts from the murder of innocent, unborn, defenseless babies, a VERY good case can be made that the reason you perform the abortions IS to provide those organs and parts. In other words, the organ harvesting is driving the abortions, not the other way around.

    Think about it.

  3. Grave robbing in England had the same symbiosis.
    Doctors paid for bodies, and as they paid for bodies, more people wanted in on the action and robbed more graves, forcing the doctors to buy more.

  4. The Center for Medical Progress has promised a video a week. I look forward to further exposure of these heartless ghouls.

  5. Ironically, what’s got the PP leadership scared is not the fact they got busted, again, selling fetal organs (That’s a minor PR problem.), but that one of their docs just admitted on video that she exposes her patients to undue risk of permanent sterilization by doing risky procedures specifically to preserve the organs of the fetus rather than in the best interest of the patient.

    That kind of admission will get the sharks swimming in the water. There’s lots of money and fame to be made by any law firm that can connect large numbers of women who were unable to conceive again after getting an abortion that led to a sale of fetal body parts. That’s implies the organ sale was more important than the safety of the patient on the mind of the performing physician which is an egregious violation of medical ethics even in an era where late term abortion is still considered “ethical”.

  6. What really pissed me off was the way she stabbed at the salad and sipped the wine, while chatting so matter-of- factly about not crushing the liver, brain, heart.etc. God have we ever lost our way?

    Maybe Iran should get the bomb and blow this planet to Kingdom Come?

  7. You know, that may be the way to cause PP to financially hemorrhage to death–get a bunch of lawyers to put up ads on TV asking for women who’ve had botched procedures done by PP and then go after them one case after another.

    Hey if they can do it for asbestos and big pharma, then this one could be a real moneymaker–until the insurance pot of gold runs dry

  8. Well then, let’s start selling executed criminal parts, Texas style.

    Jack The Ripper Midnight Specials ’cause these parts gotta go!

    Get ’em while they’re hot! Or at least still warm and squishy.

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