DEBUNKED: Medicare for All MYTHS!

Steven Crowder separates fact from fiction and explains why the Democrat rallying cry of ‘Medicare for all’ is one of the worst ideas to fix the American healthcare system.


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  1. Access will have to be restricted to contain costs under any system.

    Personal costs are the current way they are contained.

    If those are removed then some other way will have to be found such as a bureaucratic process of rationing access to most of the costlier services.

    Maybe a merit system to decide who deserves them and who does not.

    Unlimited access means unlimited costs, something that is obviously not a realistic and sustainable situation.

  2. Of course it’s a lame brained idea but they know that. They’re only catering to the dumb asses and moochers out there and there’s a rich supply.
    They’re counting on overwhelming those that are on to them.

  3. In my brief 58 years on this berg, I’ve observed that the more government does for healthcare, the more it needs fixing.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  4. Just when I get to start it
    after 12 years with no insurance.
    You don’t suppose there are illegal
    aliens and deadbeats that NEVER paid
    in a penny that will suck up what me
    and others paid into for 45+ years…

  5. In the early 80s, when HMOs began to be popular, companies provided them for their employees. 100% coverage; woohoo!

    Wasn’t very many years, maybe 2-3 years, that reality hit. Higher premiums and less coverage. Eventually, they were no different than any other insurance company except that they were tied into specific providers.

    Being a billing manager for a large metropolitan hospital in MN, I watched it happen from beginning to end.

    It was fun while it lasted.


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