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Decades-old frozen meat seized in China food scandal

Well, there goes Michelle’s school lunch program.

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VID: Frozen Meat From The 1970s Sold In Chinese Restaurants

TimesOfIndia– BEIJING AFP: Almost half a billion dollars worth of smuggled frozen meat — some of it rotting and more than 40 years old — has been seized in China, reports said on Wednesday.
More than 100,000 tonnes of chicken wings, beef and pork worth up to three billion yuan ($483 million) were seized in the nationwide crackdown, the state-run China Daily newspaper said.

“It was smelly, and I nearly threw up when I opened the door,” said an official from Hunan province, where 800 tonnes were seized.

Two gangs from the central province were among 14 busted across the country in the operation which concluded earlier this month. more

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  1. Ahhhhh … the wonders of socialism!

    Kinda makes you think a little harder about that secret trade deal that the traitor Obola’s working on? And those other traitors in Congress voted on? And the traitors in the SCOTUS will uphold?

    There’s some real shittiness afoot and that “trade deal” is tied into the enormous debt Obola and Congress have made.

    We’re being sold out. $1.7 Trillion starts coming due this year and the weasels are massing for a kill.

  2. My sister thinks a deep freeze is a magic box. I had to have a friend of mine convince her food should not be consumed after 2 years. Now I don’t keep any food in my deep freeze for more than a year. But…. That’s me.
    My friend was a health inspector she finally believed him.

  3. The Chinese gangsters still tried to convince customers that their product was the best, though. Their slogan was, “You can beat
    our prices, but you can’t beat our meat”.

    : }

  4. Is that where our dog food comes from?
    Every way possible, I avoid chinese shit like the plague. Seriously.

  5. I recently had my DH pick up some frozen salmon fillets from the grocery store chain in our local. Prior to dispatching him to the store, I phoned the fish department to ask if they had ocean caught because I didn’t want farm raised. Yes. So DH picked up the salmon. I was surprised at the cheap price when he brought it home, so I scrutinized the packages. “Product of China.” He took it back to the store.

    We have to voice our concerns or take foods back if we discover the food is from China.

  6. When my dad was in China during WWII, he saw a bunch of “Chinks” sitting on the edge of a carp tank shitting in the water to feed the carp.
    He never ate anything from China or Japan. And he made sure none of his kids ever did either.

  7. No, you’re right, I wasn’t implying that. My dad hated the Japanese (Nips) even more because a very good friend of the family died during the Bataan death march. He never owned anything that was made in Japan.

  8. Why the quotes?

    Were they “Chinks” or Chinks?

    And the fish shit in the water, too!

    You never want to look at the “life cycle” too closely.

  9. ‘You never want to look at the “life cycle” too closely. ‘

    You do if you think people might be shitting in the food tank. Those “Chinks” are lucky my dad didn’t ventilate their heads with his .45.

  10. @Unruly refugee

    I don’t eat anything from southeast Asia or China for that reason. Who knows what they feed farm raised critters.

    I went shopping at a German grocery chain store in the US where I buy a few select items. They had jars of white asparagus they couldn’t give away because they were label as a product of China. Week after week, the same jars.

    I lived in Germany and loved their local white asparagus. I bet this brand didn’t sell in Germany, so they shipped it here and got the same result. Who knows what they covered the asparagus with in China to keep it hidden from the sunlight.

    I’m thinking this is why they want to get rid of country of origin labels.

    I’m seriously considering growing and canning most of my own food in the near future.

  11. There you go. My mother used to can food from the garden to use through the winter. And my dad would take his own grass-fed cows to a meat cutter and sometimes pay for the cutting service with the bones and parts he didn’t want.
    Only way to know what’s really in your food. And you are guaranteed to taste the difference from store bought!

  12. That’s the price the USDA paid for it to be processed into Mooseshell’s school lunch program. Whodda bargain!

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