Declassified CIA Documents Show They “Saw” Ancient Civilization On Mars

KFI: Even though there has never been a manned mission to Mars, back in 1984, the CIA found a different way to explore the red planet. According to documents declassified thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the Central Intelligence Agency used a “remote viewer” to “see” what was on Mars one million years ago, and what they discovered is mind-blowing… if you can believe it. Keep reading

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  1. Remote viewing, popularized by Art Bell back in the day, has never been right about anything.

    Even Nostradamus has a better track record.

  2. FTA – Even though they had no idea what the card said, this is what the psychic saw after just holding that sealed envelope.

    Sounds like someone put a little LSD into Carnac the Magnificent’s vodka…

  3. ♪♪♪♪ (Cue the music.)

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    (Can’t count the last number of do-do’s because they happen too fast!)

  4. I travel through time and go to other worldly places when I sleep but it makes me sick so I don’t pay much attention to where I am. I just do a lot of remote spewing.

  5. This is an example of how the different agencies piss away spare money at the end of fiscal years so they can avoid a decrease in the next years budget.
    Why should they care it’s just taxpayer money.

  6. Problem with this theory, is the viewer said they were dying, no food, everything was barren. No vehicles in view, so how could they possibly leave Mars? Ed Dames was Art Bell’s remote viewer. He supposedly taught classes in remote viewing, and often boasted that he was a Major in the military teaching remote viewing. Never hear about him any more, I think there was a falling out with him and Coast-to-Coast.

    Humans aren’t repopulating on another planet, wasted money to try it. God has another plan for us.

  7. If the remote viewers discovered all life on Mars perished after total democrat/rino control for only 100 years, four generations. I will believe they might be onto something real. No food, barren, no vehicles, everyone dying – they messed up and implemented the GND (Green New Deal).

  8. Another excerpt from the transcript: “I saw other people – they looked like earth people. I did not like them, except for the one that looked like Ray Walston. He was My Favorite Martian.”

  9. I do hereby bequeath this to the democrats. Commence shuttles in 3 2 1 …………… See Ya, good luck with your new planet!!!!!!

  10. I read somewhere that scientists discovered evidence of ancient civilizations in D.C. The remains were too badly eroded for confirmation, however.

  11. Yep … yep … yep …

    I remember the first time I went to Mars. Leslie Nielsen, Eric Fleming, and Zsa Zsa Gabor were there … no wait … that was Venus … we were under sniper fire and the damned Martians … no … that was Bosnia … hold on … Mars … Mars … oh yeah! Rock Hudson! And those sleigh-things!

    Good times … good times …

  12. Remote viewer’s description:

    “Deep inside of a cavern, not of a cavern, more like [a] canyon. I’m looking up, the sides of a steep wall that seem to go on forever. And there’s like a structure…it’s like the wall of the canyon has been carved.”

    Opening lyrics from Oh, my Darling Clementine:

    “In a cavern, in a canyon
    Excavating for a mine…”



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