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  1. Thank you AA. I’ve loved Mozart and others since I was a toddler. Mussorgsky’s Bilder einer Ausstellung is a particular favorite.
    I think my Mom had a crush on Leonard.
    Great selection.

  2. Excellent selections. I never even thought of classical music. I could not think of anything before, but might just come up with some selections now.

    I love Copeland’s music. He wrote the score for the 1940 film Our Town.

    I heard classical, standards, top 40, country, and probably kinds of music growing up. I think I was fortunate in that regard.

  3. I’m pretty sure sure #1 was Mozart’s last before kaput! Nice choice.
    #2, much like Tchaikovsky. Like it.
    #3, Should have started at the 5:00 mark. Then it picks up!

    Nice choices, Abigail, but I wouldn’t want to ride cross country with you! 🙂

  4. The clarinet solo starting at the 12:30 mark is maybe my favorite in all of classical music.

    Who else here read about Baba Yaga as a child but didn’t know Mussorsgsky? I loved that story about the spinning hut on chicken legs.

    What a national treasure, Aaron Copeland.

    So glad you all approve of my choices tonight.

    Meerkat: Oh, I’ve got traveling music, too. Nothing like good ol’ (old) western music for those long, empty stretches of hi-way. 😉

  5. Great way to spend an hour AA. The problem is that I see related music on the sidebar and that hour stretches into two or three. Excellent choices none the less.

  6. Carpeye D’um — Sounds like a nice problem to have, huh? I know what you mean. But it does beat falling down the YT rabbit hole of looking at funny cat compilations. 🙂


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