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If any of you readers were living within FM radio distance of Kansas City, you probably remember the top-40 station, Q-104.  Every weekday morning in 1990-1991 at 05:55am, they would play this, and never since have I sprung out of bed in the morning so easily as I did when I was 13, singing and dancing along ——- > 1

You’ve had lunch. Time to get back to work, and finish conquering the world, as one does. Re-energize with this ———>  2
Okay.  You watched the local news, and you know what the weather is going to be tomorrow.  Now turn off the damn teevee and make love to your (valid!) spouse —–> 3
Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.

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  1. With the contributors that have been up this week my low-brow selections might be poorly received. I’ll give it a week or so. Good job Ann, I’m a fan.

  2. I used to sing my own version of #1 as I woke them for school. Back when they were K-1-2 graders. Great memories.


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