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  1. @Ilustr8r, you did exactly what I was hoping, to unplug my thumb drive and load more songs. Thank you!
    And BFH…I only have 16GB, so slow down! 😊 Thanks for the Dee Jay Series!

  2. Anyone remember a group called the Fugs? Funny stuff.
    Listen to a song by them called “Johnny Pissoff” if you can find it.

  3. OrganGrinder
    Was a big fan of the Fugs
    Did a couple of covers in one of my first bands
    ‘I’m a dirty old man’ was a real crowd pleaser

  4. I’ve always been partial to 12 string Rickenbacker pop – bands I would recommend include XTC, The Rembrandts, William Pears, Chad & Jeremy, Beau Brummels, Love, Standells, Turtles, The Leaves, Five Americans, You Am I, Felt, Guadalcanal Diary, The Long Ryders….too many to list.

  5. Excellent choice Fur – I saw them live at the Coach House in Capistrano back in 87 – best concert ever. They were monsters live. They invented alt country with a punk edge. They were all smug about not voting for Reagan. I friended the bass player Tom Stevens on FB – one week later I posted our Obama laying a toilet seat at the tomb of the unknown soldier meme – pffft he was gone lol.


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