Deep State Unmasked: Leaks at HHS; DOJ Official Resists “From Inside” and “Can’t Get Fired”

Project Veritas has released the second installment in an undercover video series unmasking the deep state. This video features a Department of Justice paralegal Allison Hrabar reportedly using government owned software and computers to push a socialist agenda. Also featured is Jessica Schubel, the former Chief of Staff for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the last Obama administration. Both Schubel and Hrabar make admissions revealing that federal employees are using their positions in the government to resist or slow the Trump administration’s policies, some breaking laws in the process.

15 Comments on Deep State Unmasked: Leaks at HHS; DOJ Official Resists “From Inside” and “Can’t Get Fired”

  1. Txn4Evr:
    Off subject : I visited Texas a while back and loved it ( except for the heat ) Great state. Fantastic people.

    On subject: It is incredibly frustrating to see the double-standard within the media and our legal system when it comes to (D)’s vs (R)’s
    or more accurately Patricians vs Plebians in America today.

    Did you notice that Tim Kaine s’ son got arrested in an ANTIFA riot but it was given scant media coverage and he got no jail time ?

    That is just ONE example. There is also the college professor from Northern California that clubbed 6 or 7 people with a bike-lock and got only probation out of it.

    I think the Left is playing with fire here. Most people are sick and tired of the lack of consequence for violent Leftist activity contrasted by the banishment from public life for a conservative who says a single word or phrase the Left considers ‘ Hate Speech”.

    Hopefully, we WILL see the Rule Of Law applied , maybe not with hangings, but with at least some serious prison time.

    Hillary would like GREAT in an ORANGE pantsuit with a number on it.

  2. Federal Employees CAN be fired.

    It’s just a long, drawn-out, boring, exacting process and most Federal Employees are just too fuckin lazy to see it through.

    It was designed that way to protect the incompetent, the retarded, and the guilty – but politically connected.

    Over a certain GS level the corruption and collusion and conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers is intense, and fairly iron-clad, and they protect one another because if one of them bites the dust, it’s possible that the others will. Thus – they even protect their enemies – their competitors in corruption and theft.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Alison, you miserable crunt….perhaps you should experience what it’s like to have your privacy shattered….and I suspect that this is exactly what is about to begin for you.

  4. Let’s hope something is accomplished by these exposures.
    It’s become a bit disheartening the way so many swamp dwellers get away with everything.

  5. Bamo: I must quote Eddie Murphy s’ character in ‘ Trading Places’ here.

    ” Thank you for correcting my English, which stinks …”

    I created a false image by stating that a woman capable of shrinking a boner or making a freight-train re-route and take a dirt road would ‘LOOK ‘ great.

    What I meant to say was that seeing her and her co-conspirators imprisoned if and WHEN they are found guilty , would make me ( and many other Americans ) FEEL great.

    I appreciate your feedback on that comment and I regret the error.

  6. I’m glad he’s exposing this, I only wish he would have spared us the P.T. Barnum aspects of the presentation. In my view it cheapens the effect.


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