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Deepfake Takes the Yellow Brick Road

I saw this one today and it had me laughing at the reimagining of the Scarecrow from the movie “Wizard of Oz.” We were warned how good these deep fakes were going to get and this one is pretty amazing. Watch

As amusing as this tech is in this situation, it isn’t always laughs. Here

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  1. Welcome Back Class
    We have a Visitor
    Stay Awhile
    Eating, Drinking and Smoking are of course, always allowed
    Just a little pinprick

  2. Under the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act
    Result(s) from the search have been removed and excluded

  3. Obviously fake.
    The mouth is always slightly off timing with the words.
    They also have sort of fog about them.
    It will get better and be used to cover for the likes of Pedo Joe and future useful tools of the swamp I’m sure.

  4. I think it’s funny people are trying to decide if it’s fake.

    Well, of course. Don’t you recognize AOC’s and Biden’s faces when you see them?

  5. OK, one of my favorite movies. Faking Joey is a travesty, but I do understand what he / she is trying to say

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